A new piece for the start of the year – the wire wrapping process


Creativity does not take a break; whether its New Year’s Eve or not.

This pendant with black onyx and red coral was started on 31st December with the hope for a prosperous and amazing 2017. And it is befitting to create a piece with these two materials as they both have a positive metaphysical quality; if you believe in it.

Coral is associated with emotional healing because of its watery home; and the black onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy.

I am posting this not yet finished piece so that i can talk to you about the process. Many of my friends over Christmas were asking me about my pendants; how do I make them; do I use any “aids” machines to make them? The answer: it is all hand made.

I use tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire


For adjusting I use some tools; sometimes – yes I own more pliers that some of the handyman I know :).


And my fair two hands ( with the middle finger taking the toll and ending up with blisters as a result of the wrapping process)DSC_1142.JPG

The process of making and creating the pendant is quite fluid; I only know what i start off with – the end product is always influenced by the stones I use.

This particular piece I started it with the main 5 wires using the 20 awg wire; and I used the 26 awg wire to coil and wrap the design around the beads.

New years pendant wrapping process.jpg

Each wrap is made by hand individually. At times I have multiple hanging wires from top or the bottom whilst trying to negotiate the wrapping of the wire around them.

And no; I have not poked myself in the eye with the hanging main wires; and no I have not stabbed my arms with them either – though I have been asked these questions before. I guess the person who asked me understood that all the main wires have sharp edges at the end; and was trying to figure it out how do I “wire manage” the work without injury. (I am H&S L2 trained so I do my own dynamic risk assessment :) )

As you can imagine one of the more intricate pieces requires several hours of work; as I twist and coil the wires. It is therefore very difficult to price one of these pendants; and if you visit my Etsy shop  you will see that at this point prices are relatively low compared to the hours of work each piece takes. On average I sit wrapping wire for about 2 to 3 hours; though some pieces like the Web of life took me a few days to finish.  The web of life  is a 3D multi layered piece with super imposed individually wrapped shapes then interwoven to have the finish product.

I hope that this entry will sheds some light on why some of the wire wrapped pieces of jewelry carry higher prices despite perhaps being made from “ordinary wire”.

Each item is unique and it takes the artist several hours to make; and potentially undercut their own value just so you can wear their art at more affordable prices. A wire wrapped pendant or earring is not only a piece of jewelry; but its also a sculpture in itself.

Enjoy the art of wire made jewelry; celebrate creativity and shop from your local artisans.