Lapis Lazuli pendant


This intricate pendant is made from tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire. At the heart of the pendant is a 2 cm Lapis Lazuli deep blue stone.

If you would like to purchase it you can do it in my Folksy page: Lapis lazuli pendant (Price: £50+postage)

Size: 5.5 cm X 3 cm

The pendant will come in a handy storage pouch.

International postage is available upon request.


Over the Christmas period I, just like everyone else; perused the local markets and came across a number of semi-precious stones. This is an up-cycled Lapis Lazuli stone; incorporated in a beatuifully intricate webbing of wire wrapped motif.

The piece reminds me of old rococco jewelry pieces from the time of the kings and queens of France.

Lapis Lazuli as a stone has been sought after from ancient times for it beautiful blue color. If you ever wandered through a museum of art you will have noticed that blue was always at a premium – those paintings from the 14 and 1500 blue was indeed precious- any painting that was commissioned with blue in it – was commissioned by someone with great wealth.

This pendant will set off your day time or evening ware beautifully; especially hanging from a long necklace.