Labradorite pendant -inspired by sewing

A wire wrapped pendant takes a number of hours to create given the number of wraps that is needed for the full design.

Below are some of the images in the creative process for this new labradorite wire wrapped in tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire.

cofThe wrapping is a “borrowed” technique from sewing. When using this bow stitch in sewing it involves pulling threads out of the base cloth then wrapping around the vertical threads; and then completing the stitch. This “stitch” becomes slightly more complicated when using wire; as one needs to make sure that the bends are even; the wraps are tight; and of course the wire is less flexible than thread.

cof       mde

After completing the full casing for the labradorite; creating the bail involved using all the base wires and turning them into a functional; and durable bail.


Of course; the end product needs to have the base wires “finished off” at the back; in a way that is tidy and functional at the same time. There is nothing worse than when the pendant twists on the wearer and the back looks unsightly. The back finish is even more complicated given that it involves “tying off” (7) base wires (in this case) and the wrapping wire.


The final piece is an elegant pendant combining sewing and wire wrapping techniques.


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Labradorite pendant

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