I haven’t posted here for a very long time.

In light of the changes taking place globally to our moden way of life; I thought I jot a few lines down.

Many people are spending more time on social media and binge watching the news; which is not very good for our mental health.

The stats coming out of the media for the number of people infected and number of people dying of this most recent outbreak of a disease are frightening. Reality for every one of us is that most will have mild to moderate symptoms and only people with underlying health conditions will require hospital care or go into intensive care.

You probably have noticed that many things are now missing from shops (if you are allowed to go out) and often times people who most need it may be faced with an empty shelf. For most living in the western world; empty shelves cause panic buying whilst in other parts of the world is quite the opposite – a stacked shelf will cause a frenzy of shopping. We do live in strange times; when as a human collective we live in the world of plenty. On a daily basis more “stuff” is produced than we could ever use up in one life time; and yet due to a virus; we are all going nuts and buy stuff.

Let’s just stop for a minute and consider that many people on the globe go without basic foods/goods most days; and yet in the Western world we go nuts and buy up all the toilet roll we can lay our hands on. I find many of these behaviours odd; but I guess for decades now some of us had the luxury of “plenty” without having to ration the food/the goods; etc. Again; I know there is a vast number of people who indeed go without many days and weeks.

By the world being made to stop and stay at home; or be made to change it’s daily routine hopefully will make many humans stop and think.

I hope that despite all the scare/glood and doom – you have not forgotten how to be creative; how to find joy in the smell of a flower; or by blowing out a candle; and if you find yourself anxious – don’t foget to breath in just as if you were smelling a flower and breath out as if blowing out a candle.

Don’t forget to breath!

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