I am not sure how you have been in the past few months…I for one felt less then inspired to do anything extremely creative. The idea of creating jewellery felt foreign, and the thoight of sitting down and twist wires just did not feel right.

In the UK the world came to a halt suddenly around the 22nd of March when we were told to all go indoors and not ce out until we are told its safe.

For me this whole world going to pot started much earlier with the first stories hitting the news in February.

First week in March we ventured for a pre booled holiday in Spain and were avidly watching the news of when and if we will get stranded or be told we have to isolate.

My creativity with wires came to an end with my collection of Gaudi inspired seaglass pieces by my April, and since then the only thing helping was photography.

In my day job I needed to manage the worry, fear, anxiety of colleagues and clients. We went from office based to home workers from one day to the next. We went from visiting people to having to shift to virtual engagement with our clients. We went from meeting up with colleagues to having to use softwear based methods of meeting.

Some of these changes were natural progressions for me, but for some of my colleagues and clients it felt like we travelled hundreds of years in the future.

Creativity took a different turn. I had to go from bejng able to interact face to face with paper and pen to needing to reach out to my clients creatively and yet maintain the interaction and go beyond just words.

Some of my clients say they are not creative. Some of my colleagues tell me they are not creative. My own brain told me I stopped being creative for 3 months. And yet…I created content for my website, my online shops, my social media, I entered photo competitions, I engaged clients through webcam in a meaningful way.

So…has creativy boiled down to just wrapping wires?! I guess not.

How did you use your creativity to get passed the epidemic? How did you make sense of the world where nothing made sense anymore? How did you unwind, just to be reborn again the next day?!