Curves and style

Sometimes it takes a few tries for something intricate to be created. The three pieces that i present to you are the latest in my endeavor to perfect my craft. Some would say they are in line with the “steampunk” fashion trend. The curves in the wires gives it them a more sophisticated appearance. Gone are the straight lines with simple wiring; and in come the intricate; the curvy, the complicated strands. Two of the pieces contain 3 beads each – one with two clear Swarovski Crystals and a blue glass bead; one with three blue Swarovski crystals; and one … Continue reading Curves and style

The winner’s medal – the creative process

Saturdays are my creative days. Having a full time job, the weekends are all about creativity. I sometimes doodle whilst talking on the phone or in meetings, and at times I turn them into jewelry. Above you can see the breakdown of the pendant the weaves used to create the details and the shape. Below you can see some of the steps in action.   The original drawing  just had a circle with v-lines cutting it through. I knew that this could be a pendant the moment the doodle took shape. All in all it took me 6 hours to weave … Continue reading The winner’s medal – the creative process

One two three four….

This is a piece of jewellery i have been working on for some time. I made the pendant a number if months ago. It is made using a stone i picked up on the beach in the South of France many moons ago. The wrapping is copper wire, and the “beads” are infact black coloured fresh ware pearls.  I knew that the pendant would lendvitself to a custom made chain to give it an authentic look.  Making the chain was the slightly longer process. I knew it needed a less polished look than a chain with round links. So I … Continue reading One two three four….

Pearly strands

This piece is a work in progress which will culminate in being a set of earrings and a pendant. I have a center piece which now needs to be turned into a finished object. I know that this design appeals to me and hopefully appeals to my viewers.; though I am not sure of the next step as yet. I have experimented turning it into an earring and has not worked out yet. A work in progress indeed. Continue reading Pearly strands