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All these beautiful jewellery pieces and more are all eligible for discounts across my two virtual shops.

On Etsy if you cart is over £30 you get 10% off.

On my Folksy you get 10% off on any item in my shop by using code September21.

Check out the online collection, each one of my stores carries a different style of jewellery, both stores ship UK wide, US wide and on request even to Europe. I am not responsible for the cost of shipping or cost of any custom fees.

And hey, if you are not into jewellery but you like my style, give it a like. A like never hurt anyone, right?!

Wrapping it up for Christmas 2017 – only until 15th December

Not long left until Christmas time is here for Christians across the globe. It is a time to spend with family and friends. It is a time for celebration and gifting.

For many of us, this time can be very stressful to get the “right gift”. Gifts do not have to be big. Gifts can be small and home made. Or even locally made.

These beautiful pieces are still available in my Etsy shop.

To help Santa along a bit…. if you buy from the UK shipping is on me until the 15th December 2017;  standard shipping charges apply world wide. 

Visit my jewelery shop

Shop will be taking a break from the 15th December, until January 2018, when it will reopen. Hopefully I will have some new pieces added to the collection.

A short holiday, is always a wonderful time to recharge.

Continue to shop local, continue to support local artists, if not through buying then through promoting your local shops though blogs; liking the artist pages. Let’s support creativity; imagination and diversity.

Another day in the world of fashion

For a person who is not that much into fashion, i have been up and down the catwalks more than I have been in touch with fashion for deades! Do i mind? NO! This is a world apart, so far met only friendly donw to earth people, who are not afraid to chat to you and don’t think their s***8* smells of roses….
Today once again i spent a whole day in the world of fashion “Clothes Show Live” in Birmingham and what a day..the fashion show was AMAZING beautiful coreography and people…pics to follow….and yes i did go up and speak to some models…very down to earth..very humbleand appreciative of positive feedback…i am shattered so…not gonna drag it…

Fashion show at the V&A

Saint Hill Couture
Originally uploaded by gabiszek

So…life’s good mixing with the “IT” crowed, been to yet another fashion show, me who is terrible at fashion….once again out came the Cannon and took some pics…(over 4000- what can you do if it is automatic firing) so had a lovely time, some of the designers were magical, one i spoke to was very friendly he even told us he designed something for Mariah Carey (how lucky were we to talk to him)…all the glam and fab stuff.


Well, my day job is great sometimes….though you work long hours and stay late…it can be fun. One of the projects involves some fitness work-outs…and tell you what if i had actually stuck with it i would be slimmer and more in shape that i ever was…
It is good though..after a long day in the office staring at a computer is so nice to be able to enjoy a good work-out (i am sure i will be in pain tomorrow but today is still ok).

We had an interesting discussion with some of the young people it all started from a comment one of them made…and it was interesting how it brought back memories for me from when i was their age, and the risks we were taking …and yes…i realised that we too took the same risks, though to us at the time felt just as natural as for them. Whithout even thinking it..both of us (workers) had the same reaction …go into mother mode and trying to protect them, and give them sound advice…but than youth work mode kicked in, and out came the games to talk things through with them, to get them to realise the risks…..
Interesting how you can go from one state to the next in just fractions of a second…and how people are so much alike though at many years difference….hmmm…makes you think.

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