Emancipate yourself

Mr. Baxter – Chief officer of sending good news from Redbubble informed me that my phto was sold as a print.

I took this picture a couple of years ago in a tunnel as I went for my “allowed daily exercise”, when the world came to a holt out of sheer terror, and because you know some peope with too much power said so.

Anywhoo…as a graffiti peace it stood out amid the siblings of others. It needed to be captured, for it said something about the psyche of those times. It was like a shout out to the world, that we needed to wake up and start living again. I do not know who added this art piece on the wall, and sadly it is no more. The tunnel got taken over by the insignificant tags of those who want to be….

Today this image sold as a print and is traveling to the US.

And if you wish to own a copy head to my Redbubble store..

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