How does Redbubble work with my images

Those who are visiting this site would have noticed I have a few pages to it.

One of the pages it links you to is  Redbubble.

I wanted to share with you how my images look like when they get converted in every day objects that you can buy. These life style images showcase the plethora of items available; as a site they kindly offer PSDs we can adat to show case our own imagery.

How to place an order:

  1. Go to my Redbubble page
  2. Chose one of my images on the site
  3. Decided what you want it turned into
  4. Add it to your shopping basket
  5. Pay (using any plastic/ virtual card you want to use)
    1. I get an email to tell me I made a sale
    2. I do the obligatory happy dance;
    3. I share my achievement on social media;
    4. I do a happy dance again
  6. Item is produced
  7. Item gets shipped to your desired address
    1. I get another email to say we had a successful transaction
    2. I sit and wait for money to show in my account….hopefully before I turn grey
  8. Happy customer/ Happy artist/ Life’s peachy

By the way the image you see as the example – has been exhibited a few times in Europe (read all about it here)

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