A few days back i was encouraging people to share artist pages and engage in discussion about them, by way of increasing sales and therefore supporting an artist’s dream.

It occured to me that at times having helpful information on avenues for the very monatisation may be useful.

I know I am not the first one to wrote about this, though I know the more sources we have the wider we spread the word.

So i guess all of gou heard of youtube monetisation system. Anyone with a google account can turn their videos into $$$ if you have sufficient clicks on the adds. But in all honesty…how many of you have clicked on any of the adds that are running on this page, or have sat through the add at the start of a video?! I haven’t… so i guess you haven’t either.

So on Etsy you can run Google shopping adds, you can promote a listing, or just leave it with the free inbuilt Etsy google promotion.

On Facebook you can promote a listing on the page you manage, target your audience, or run an add for a number of days. Yep your page is seen wider, but how many “Likes” do you generate?! Amd how many of those likes generate into “sales”?! If you are selling physical stuff. How many tes have you “shared” a promotion on your own FB feed, just to have your friends liking that shared rather than going onto the actual link and promote your wares?!

Right!!! You with me?…you must be

Then you have a think of how else can you build an audience and get paid. Well…i came across this dude on #TEDtalks….Jack Conte and he talks just about that. As an artist he earned $$$$ when a few years back youtube launched. And yes he felt the monatized streaming will give him an income for life…but in 10 years… that dwindled wo peny per view.

So in a world where “views” do not convert into $$ or €€ or ££ what can we do?!

Well I have listened to his talk and decided to give his site a go and created my Patreon page Gabriella Szekely on Patreon. Do feel free to check it out, and if you are willing, be my first patron.

Also…check the ethos out, behind patreon. There are over 6billion people on this planet, a huge numeber are already able to be a patron, ad they are over 13…so let’s tap into that resource, and let’s be creative.

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