One two three four….

This is a piece of jewellery i have been working on for some time.

I made the pendant a number if months ago. It is made using a stone i picked up on the beach in the South of France many moons ago. The wrapping is copper wire, and the “beads” are infact black coloured fresh ware pearls. 

I knew that the pendant would lendvitself to a custom made chain to give it an authentic look. 

Making the chain was the slightly longer process. I knew it needed a less polished look than a chain with round links. So I discovered that in fact a multiple looped chain link suited it much better.

Sometimes we have a central piece and then the rest shapes itself accordingly. Unrevelling the story is what inspired this piece.

It will be available to be bought soon.

A jewellery piece is a whole story not just a look.

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