Patreon blog posts

As part of trying to expand my creative endeavors and become an independent creator, I opened a Patreon page where you can become my patron. Perhaps you are unable to purchase one of my pendants, or you are not ready to have one of my pictures on your wall, do not worry. If you wish to help me on my journey to escape the 9:00-5:00 and turn my attention to only creating, then you can join me on Patreon.

By becoming a Patron you would also get monthly perks that otherwise you would not have access to.

For the duration of January 2020 -January 2021; we will be taking a journey into the self, using images to question the very fabric of our reality. I invite you to follow me on this journey into the center of our being, discover how images around us can illicit questions about the self. 365 days I will be posting one entry a day using a photo I have taken myself in the past decade or so, and will be asking you to consider a theme that was inspired by that image.

Come on the journey of discovery.