How does Patreon work

Hey everyone;

On Patreon you can support an artist who uploads creative content through a monthly contribution, and help them have a steady income.

I know not everyone wants to buy my stuff so how to generate an income otherwise?!

I think much of my blog entries will also move over there for interactive engagement with limited content being uploaded on WordPress. (Don’ worry I will not abandon you guys; I will get all exited about something new even on here).

Once you are a paying contributor you will have access to the content uploaded there; however different perks will come online to different people.

On Patreon, I am challenging you to explore your own world through the medium of images. It is meant to be an interactive environment where together we can try answer some questions we always had but we were to afraid to ask. It is a totally different content from all my other platforms, let’s co-create a more abundant reality for us all.

Here’s the tiers I run on Patreon:

  1. I have a friend in you: Contribute £5 ∙ only 200 available : If this is you – I already thank you!  – I will be giving you a shout on my Instagram and Facebook pages, you have my eternal gratitude for starting me on the journey, when something new is about to hit my Redbubble – you will be given advance notice.
  2. The 15: Contribute £15only 15 available. This tier is about receiving an art-board print the first time you contribute this amount (limited to 15 patrons) – the image will be one that won an exhibition spot internationally.  There after every 2 months I will post a postcard to you with one of my prints from my online collection and motivational questions on the back, you will also get a shout out on my social media page.
  3. Creativity is the path to enlightenment: Contribute £50/month. If you have contributed at least £50 I will post to 5 lucky winners one of my favourite pictures of all times in the form of a photographic print (size: 12″ by 8″). I am also prepared to be challenged in my creativity by you; therefore one contributor from this tier each month can chose a photographic challenge for me to achieve that month. *Note:  No adult content request will be admitted; I will risk assess the challenge prior to agreeing it – if it is too risky I am not risking my neck or any one else’s to achieve it; has to be achievable in my current location in the UK –  the person’s name (with consent) who challenged me will be published in an entry online that month; that person can not challenge me for another 2 months. **Note: The 1st names of the contributors who won that month will be published on my Instagram feed and Facebook page (with your consent of course) and will not be eligible for another win for the next 2 months ***Note: the selection of winners will be videoed and posted as content only available to your tier

If you wish to be a patron then head to my page on Patreon