Amethyst drop pendant in copper

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I present to you a one of a kind amethyst pendant. It is made from a recycled amethyst gem, wrapped in copper wire.

Gem size: 3 cm or 1.2 inches, pendant size: 5.5 cm / 2.1 inch

The inspiration for the stone came from the unusual shape. It is almost like a teardrop. Wrapping the copper wire landed itself to have an asymmetrical spheroid wrap at the top. The wire wrapped circles naturally fit into the curvature of the gem.

This piece of jewellery would be a perfect gift for yourself, if you are just embarking on your spiritual journey. It can also be a perfect gift for your friend or spouse who is journeying along their path of discovery. The jewellery can also be just that a wearable art piece to compliment your daytime or evening attire. Whatever your journey is, this unique pendant will match your day and your style.


Amethyst as a stone, has been used from ancient times by priests and priestesses as part of rituals and as an energetic crystal to help them in their work and to enhance their esotheric skills. The purple colour fading into a lilac or even into white, shows the graduated nature of our reality, and through this graduation in the ancient world, they could move through dimensions, making this stone a tool for evolution.

Copper as a material is often used as a conductor of energy, whilst silver is the metal prefered by priests and priestesses in the ancient world.

This pendant could also be used as a pendulum should you wish to use it as part of your own ritual.

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Weight 200 g