Amethyst pendant swirls at front embeded stone

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This pendant is made from tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire.

The heart of the pendant is a 2 cm Amethyst gem.

This piece is best worn on a long chain- so as to showcase its beauty.

Full size: 6.2 X 3.5 cm or 2.45 X 1.38 inch

The piece will come wrapped in a storage pouch of natural materials.

It is a handmade wire wrapped pendant. It is made to be easily changed out for a different length chain, ribbon, cord, etc.

**A NOTE: Wire wrapping is a genre of jewellery which requires pliable wire to be shaped into each piece. As a piece progresses, the wire hardens and it will retain it's shape, however if you try to bend it or it gets squished, it will bend.

Do not place your wire wrapped jewellery in a purse or pocket. :)

**Note: though all silver plated pieces are made from tarnish resistant wire; it may age; as most metals do. Mild soap and water shouldn't damage the finish, however I do recommend removing your jewellery before showering or bathing; using household cleaners, chemicals, or essential oils; doing manual jobs like gardening or washing dishes; and applying lotions. Do not use jewellery cleaners on this jewellery. Sometimes the plating can wear off with excessive use – therefore I recommend not wearing the pieces every day. Rotating your beautiful jewellery pieces creates a new look for you; and changes your mood for that day.

***Shipping: if you wish to purchase multiple items – these can be bundled into one shipping; therefore reducing your overall cost. Do get in touch with me prior to ordering; this way i can forgo the shipping charge for multiple items. All items are shipped within 3-5 days; though fast delivery services can also be accommodated (again send me a message and will see what we can do) .