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This beautifully hand wire wrapped pendant has at the centre a 2 cm lapis lazuli semi precious stone. The pendant was created in the steam punk style using old watch cogs to finish the design.

The wrapping is made using tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire.

This pendant will suit a variety of ages and can compliment a day time or evening attire. Due to its simple elegance it can be worn as part of our outfit going to concerts; and it would also go well with a beautiful evening dress.

The lapis lazuli stone has been held in high regard for centuries; it can be found as part of jewellery since ancient times. It's intense blue colour gave us the ultramarine colour; which was the most expensive blue pigment for painters all over the world for centuries; and it was used by famous renaissance and baroque painters. It has been a statement of wealth with nobles who could afford a painting where the artist used a lot of blue; so in renaissance times it was a symbol of wealth.

As wire wrapping is an art in itself not only will you poses an item with semi precious stones; you will also own an individual piece of art. Each wire wrapped object is unique; no two items are alike. Wire wrapping is all hand made using individual wires; therefore when wrapping and shaping though an item may look the same; they are not – they will have minor details that are different between hem. So it you want to own a unique item – wire wrapped jewellery is the way forward.

Each wire wrapped pendant takes anything between 1 hour and several days worth of work; dependant on the intricacies of the piece.

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Weight 200 g