Pendant – Brecciated jasper wire wrapped in silver filled wire, unique jasper pendant

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Simple elegance once more, highlighted in silver filled copper wire.

A beautiful brecciated triangular jasper stone, set in a simple wire wrap. I felt that the shape of the stone and the beautifl burgundy colour was enough to provide the beauty to this pendant. It could not hold a more intricate weave, so simplicity was key.

Brecciated Jasper is a red stone amidst a mix of other colors such as brown and gray hues with an opaque lustrous finish. The red hues and the dark bands in the Brecciated Jasper reflect the hematite compound in this stone. This red stone is characterized by a unique looking pattern that represents deep-colored veined or waves/streams like patterns that either red, deep brown, white, yellow, cream, grey, or a mixture of all. Every piece of Brecciated Jasper is truly unique, every single piece carries its one of kind patterns, just like a distinctive and personalized piece of art!

The pendant before you will provide a unique piece through the unique pattern within the stone; and the bespoke weave around it. As all my pieces it will look beautifully on a long chain, which will be included free of charge. This piece of wearable art will compliment your day time and evening look perfectly.

Brecciated Jasper use in History:

The word "jasper" is derived from the Greek word iaspi meaning "spotted stone," related to the Hebrew jashpeh and the ancient Assyrian word ashpu. Jaspers were worn by Egyptian priests in amulets covered with inscriptions from their Book of the Dead and wrapped up with mummies for protection in the afterlife. The Minoans of Crete carved seals for the palace of Knossos of jasper.

Jasper was the 12th stone in the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest, and is said to be the foundation stone of New Jerusalem. Some Native American tribes used jasper to dowse for water and to call rain.