Quartz pink pendant; geod wire wrapped

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Hand made wire wrapped pendant, lovingly made to showcase a beautiful geod stone. The centre stone plays in hues of purple pink colour with a beautiful crystaline cavern at the bottom. To showcase the beauty of the gemstone is wrapped in copper wire which may tarnishes over time. When held up to the light the pendant has almost a see through quality.

Full size: 2.5 inch (5.7cm)

Shape: semi spherical

Depth: 0.4 inch (0.7 cm)

This beautiful pendant will come with a handmade copper chain to copliment the beautiful weaving around the geod. This pendant will compliment any style you choose to wear, in the daytime or evening.

The pendant is unique, one of a kind in everyway, it will set you apart from your friends and will highlight your individuality.

The pendant will come in a handy organza pouch, and it is a gift I can upgrade the packaging to a jewellery box.