Today is the day after the night before and this human is in an even more contemplative mood. Today we look in the distance and wonder about the human response. For my latest Patreon entry – click here

The photo blogging continues until we reach blog 365 sometime in January 2022 – every day an image or a thought materializes in an entry. Until January 2022 ever day I invite you my reader to consider your own interaction with the self and the world. I invite you to take a deep dive in the nature of what it means to be human. I invite you to contemplate what makes you YOU, I invite you to explore the inner workings of your mind. There will be days when we tread light on the path of our existence on this planet and there will be days when we plunge in the deepest recesses of our mind.

If you find these blog entries enticing and compelling then do become a Patron via Patreon and help contribute to my creative journey. There are currently two tiers with their individual perks. In the future I am considering expanding the perks and introducing other tiers as well. A comment or a forwarding or a like can also go a long way in supporting my creative path.

Thank you for existing! Thank you for being here! You are where you are supposed to be! The world would not want it in any other way! I am grateful for you being part of the human family! You are valued! You are seen! Now laugh human!

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