My jam

We are coming up to the week-end; time you put on some music and dance, well, after you read my blog entry. You will understand what I am talking about, just click here

Under pressure

The blog post is ready and available here, and of course after our journey with the cat yesterday is only befitting we return to our human selves in exploration of our journey on this planet. Check it out. Like and subscribe.


Are you on the fence, in offense, in defence or nonsense, either way my blog entry may give you some clue as to what I mean. Check it out here


So, was it Mary or not Mary what you saw yesterday, in my post?! Well today you may have a different expectation, so check out the entry, and see if it matches what you were hoping.

Mary Christmas

Now then is it Merry or Mary – check it out, maybe it’s Jon, maybe it is Saturnalia, but then again symbols perceptions beliefs, do they not all fall into the same category? My latest entry is ready – click, and all shall be revealed.

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