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The Guild of Jewellery designers

I recently joined the Guild of Jewellery Designers in the UK.

Why is this news you ask? It allows me to use their logo; provides YOU the buyer the confidence that I am serious about my craft; and I hope it will give my visitors that extra re-assurance that all my items are handmade.

I do not have a presence on the high-street; therefore as one famous UK advert used to say every little helps.

Joining the guild also gives me the chance to speak to other UK jewellery makers and exchange ideas, develop my craft further; and explore new avenues of creativity.

Member Profile

Turquoise heady pendant

This wire wrapped turquoise bead pendant took 4 hours to complete. It is made from tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire with an intricate motif.

As with all pieces, this is a unique one. I will never be able to replicate it due to the number of wraps. Even if i attempt to make a 2nd one, it will be different.

Each piece is an individual wire art piece, influenced by the mood of the day.

This pendant is available to buy on my FOLKSY shop

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