Leading road

There are times when we have many roads ahead of us, and choosing is impossible. In my new post on Patreon, I challenge you to consider your paths.

Join in with the exploration of self; and discover your potential in life.

As human beings our greatest journey IS into the self, for the answers are within. Take that leap of faith, give your OWN self that chance to discover a limitless world.

If you wish to support my own journey of creativity, you can by becoming a patron. If you just wish to share the questions with friends who need it, please share my Patreon page.


What do you gravitate towards? What keeps you locked into beliefs, relationships? It’s either about the who or the what…check out my new post on my Patreon Page.

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Can you see me?

Which mask are you hiding behind today?

Join the discussion via my Patreon Page, a journey into the soul, a journey of self-discovery.

If my images and questions resonate, and you wish to become a patron, please do. If you wish to share these questions with your friends, then please do. We are all on a journey of self-discovery and finding our place in this vast universe.

No entry!

Have you found the right way in?! Or did you stop at the door?

Join the conversation, and see if you see the path on my Patreon page.

If of course you are happy to join me on the journey and became a patron, by all means open that door and step in.

Are you watching?

With the world unfolding around us, we are told to watch/ to pay attention/to be mindful/ to follow/ to beware, what we are not told that all these phrases can be used for good.

Paying attention, could mean meditation.

Watching – watch the birds fly.

Be mindful – be truly mindful and take a few deep breaths; center yourself, empty your mind and listen to your heart beat for a minute.

Follow – the right posts/right social media accounts/something that feeds the soul in a positive way

Beware – of those thoughts that cause more damage than good.

Check out the meerkat on my Patreon page, let it guide you on your journey through time.

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