Metatron unisex hoodies

When I travelled to Egypt in 2022, we visited the step pyramid in Saqqara, whilst in the pyramid we completed a meditation. We had the task of compressing the information that 144 people held following our tour of the temples. During the meditation the entity of Metatron revealed itself in a vision, as the guide for the meditation. A few month’s later I was able to create a painted rendition of that entity. Today, I decided to launch a series of products featuring him.

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The lush green of the Azores

As I look through the collection of images I captured, this reminds me of the beauty of the Island of St. Miguel. And now through the vehicle of internet you can bring some of it into your Livingroom.

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St.Miguel Island -Azores

In July 2023 I joined a group of fabulous women, as part of the “Awakening of the guardians” retreat. The trip was to the Island of St. Miguel – Azores.

Some of the images from that trip are now making their way to my Redbubble store.

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Memories from the Pyramid

If you followed my blog so far, you may have seen an entry, at one point, that in February 2022 I joined thousands of people for an event near and in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

One of the tasks was to do a sort of a meditation/connection in the Great Pyramid during the night. The task I was part of ,was to become “ the spiral of energy which connects realities”.

For our task we connected with the masters of the 5th dimension and helped upload information to the global network of Earth.

On 25/03/23 a year and a moth since that event I reminisced with one of the travelers about the event. It reminded me that when I came out of the Great Pyramid, after the task was done, that I took a few photos from the garden of my hotel. Below is one of the images I captured that morning. This is of course is an inverted version, so as to see, that which with the eyes could not be perceived, but the camera captured.

The same little dots a bit further on:

I am not saying that something was present during that evening above the pyramids. But, there is no denying that something was paying attention to all those energetic connections.

The Pyramids in Giza, have been the subject of speculation for years, of who built them, what was the purpose. What I know is that when I was inside, sitting behind the sarcophagus, in the King’s chamber…something interesting happened. During our meditation, we were told that we were connecting with the masters from the 5th dimension. That, a master who is closest to us in frequency would be standing behind us, and at the right moment they will download that which is needed. Sitting behind a block of granite under hundreds of stones inside a chamber, there was no way I should have experienced wind, not when it was 4am, but the wind I felt. So, when some dots appeared on my photos, I was not surprised.

Sometimes mysteries just happen before your eyes.

Awakening the guardians on Sao Miguel, Azores

In 2022 two worthwhile journeys took place, at the start of the year and towards the end. 2023 sought to offer the third installment, in the middle of the year. Whilst 2022 was about discovery, 2023 was about the journey. In July I joined a group of amazing women on the Island of St. Miguel in the Azores, for the awakening of the guardians.

For a week, together with an international group, we completed a task, to unite the masculine and feminine energy of the island.

This was a retreats that my friend Ana organized, a very talented woman from Portugal, whom I met in Egypt. We both took part in the trip along the Nile and then near Cerro Uritorco in Argentina.

This time the call came to work with the energies in the Azores.

This unique opportunity took me to a magical land, where the guardians were not just the humans on the journey, but also the rocks held fast their watch over the ocean and the rivers.

With each task a message came through for each of us….

These messages were there to guide our own energies and wisdom to a new path of discovery, and with each card the self assurance came that we were on task and on the right track.

We travelled from the furthest point on the island to the Lighthouse in Arnel

to the other side of the island to the Mouth of the devil, Parque Estacionamento Ferraria.

The emotions, feelings, impressions are hard to describe, as I continue to make sense of what the experience means. What is clear that the internal systems received a new upgrade through this 3rd introspective trip.

The biggest take away for me is that I have to be open to the possibility that I can read energy, that I can tap into that field of protons and electrons and that I should not fear the power. I can connect with the seen and unseen, animate inanimate, embodied or disembodied. I am a healer in spirit and in body, and therefore I have to recognize my own power that I bring into this human world.

The wisdom of the land is so abundant though, as a populated island, is relatively new, compared to other parts of the world. On this lush rock, where humans have not left a long enough imprint, nature has certainly had many stories to tell.

We had the interesting experience of staying in a 15h century Franciscan Monastery. I say interesting experience because the guardians of the building (in spirit form) made sure we knew they were still in charge. The first time I stepped foot inside, a really heavy energy was present in the halls. This energy was even more prevalent in the areas we were due to have breakfast. We later found out that the dining area was used as an isolation room for the sick monks, but also where a healer could come in from the outside without needing to walk through the whole building. The place eventually made peace with our own energy, especially as we made sure to be respectful of the place and seeking permission to do our work.

As I mentioned at the start, if a 15th century haunted monastery was not enough, the island indeed had a variety of guardians in stone, trees, landscape windows and clouds. We saw faces, holly cows, and a variety of dragons. The land wanted to let us know that we were not alone. I guess, as humans we forget that we are indeed not the only sentient being on this planet, and we forget that just because we can not see into other dimensions, it does not mean that other beings can not join us in the journey. For me the signs were obvious, I was able to tap into the magic of this land and notice when the land was communicating with me.

I suppose, the imagination of the human is infinite and as a result we could see signs and prompts everywhere. When you are willing to see a different world then that which you are told through the news outlets, a more magical experience unfolds.

When I stepped foot on the island I did not know what to expect. I started my journey doing an 8hour group trip with the every day Joes, exploring the sights from start to finish, from the low of the ocean to the highs of the volcanoes. I asked for permission from all the elements: water (through the rain), air (coastal wind), Earth (we ate food cooked in the ground, and drank mineral water filtered by the Earth), fire ( corn cooked in the boiling water of the geyser)

Element – wind/water

Then I joined this exceptional group of humans, and the rest is now history as they say.

And when it came to say good-bye to the Island, my 8 hour journey from the start became the reverse journey. Saying our good bye to the element water at the furthest point North-the Lighthouse. We then said good bye to the element fire by trying to reach a very popular volcano – but had to turn around because everyone had the same idea. We chose to say good bye to the element air and earth, last in the southern part of the Island.

From the moment we are born, we are told that as human beings our job is to conform and to keep to the rules, or else…depending if you grow up in a faith or not there is always a boogeyman who will get you if you do not follow the status quo. And from that moment on we forget how to dream, how to see the world beyond the vail, we loose our natural gifts and talents.

This trip was not just about the sights and about joining a task someone was given by their guides, but it was also a trip of discovering each and every one of our strength. We had group members who were sharing their knowledge about human design, and how that gives us a description of our innate make-up. We had a regenerative detox specialist. We had a vegan/vegetarian baker, who made some exceptional vegan sweet treats. We had someone who was training as a holistic massage therapist – who daily re-aligned spins, depressed muscles and generally made sure our body was doing well. And so that we are connected from Earth to heaven and heaven on Earth – we had a flight attendant also, to help us navigate the low lows and high highs.

The beauty of such groups is that we all have talents that perhaps we keep to ourselves because the mainstream may find it to intimidating or difficult to reconcile. The magical thing is that we all came together and shared our skills in this human world, so that in the continuum of the universe, those talents get recognized and enhanced.

And whilst the trip has come to an end, the network remains alive and thriving. All these connections transcend time and space, we are all one.

I leave you with the message, that turned up a few times when we drew tarot cards during the trip

What’s new?!

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The news

I am sitting here, editing what would be a future book, whilst my father is listening to the news on TV.

As soon as the broadcaster starts the program, the first story is about a woman who got attacked.

The news bulleting continues with yet another story where someone may have been stabbed, or hurt in a car accident, or robbed, or any other kind of ill fated misshaps.

My elderly father watches the show captivated by each tragic story. He sits there watching this horror, as if he was watching a building from outside the fence, detached, and observer to the shattered lives of others.

Have you ever truely watched the news lately?

One horrid story after another.

One tragedy after another, broadcasted to the masses, and no matter which channel you switch to, the same story is screamin back at you.

How can the human race change their way of being, if this is the daily “update” we get.

Have you stopped watching the news?

Have you actually decided to tune out the horror?

Yes, there are some stories we can not escape from, because they are indeed stories that deserve our attention, but why must we only focus on these negative stories? Why must we expose our eyes and ears day in day out to images that promote nothing positive?

We are being force fed a story line that is not commensurate to our magnificence.

What stories do you follow? How would you tell your story? What genre is your story? Is it a tragedy? A comedy? A comedy of errors? A rom com? Who are your protagonisist? Who is your villain? Who is the hero? Who are your hype people? Who writes your story line?


It is high time we engaged in conversation again. I suppose it has been a few weeks since I last engaged you in a discussion with your inner world.

The title of today’s engagement is consequence, but we can also maybe use the word effect or aftermath or fall out or repercussion. Depending on which synonym one uses is how further in the negative we think.

Th image that drives the discussion for today is from Dover Castle. Deep in the bowels of the castle there is a very small chapel where some time ago the visitor to the castle could spend time contemplating thought and connect with the divinity within or as they used to see it the Divinity in Heaven. The lights were pouring through the stained glass window, creating a mesmerizing pattern on the floor, an aftereffect of the Sun streaming through painted glass.

I suppose I chose this image both because of the colorful nature of it, but also because it clearly illustrates the title. This topic of consequence has show up in my world since Friday, when I met with a client who is having a really bad time in the world and is in major conflict with family members. In that session it was interesting how their own actions were just a reaction to other people’s automatic responses, and interestingly blames my client for all wrong doing. It was interesting to observe how they could not see their own role in the conflict and they were playing the blame game.

I see this type of conflict so much where human beings can not see how their own actions impact the collective. And perhaps we have touched on this subject last year but with the passing of time it becomes more and more apparent how some people just “do” and do not think of the aftermath. They appear to be on autopilot, as if someone else is at the helm and the human bares no responsibility.

If we consider the light from the image a “non sentient element” (though this is an inaccurate perspective) then is no wonder that it just IS, shines through something and then becomes something else, with not much thought to it. But human beings are apparently sentient, so then how can we as a species be so detached and disconnected from it all? Well, I do have my own insight and many psychologists do as well, but I suppose it goes back to the way of life we have been living these past two and a half thousand years. We used to be very connected to the world around us, we were a very physical species, observing the world and work in harmony with it. With modernization and especially industrialization, when the human stopped doing things physically and became more and more a “theoretical scholar”, that innate connection between action and outcome appears to be lost more and more. When we enter the realm of the virtual, it appears that sense of ownership or impact is lost altogether. It is fascinating to observe how things snowball in the virtual world in an absolutely epic way, when in contrast in the physical world it would be much slower. And as I am writing this, it occurred to me that perhaps this is how it happens in the higher reals, things take place at such high speed that from a human perspective it would be like being in the virtual. And I suppose it would be a virtual experience, for in the 4th density it appears we are none corporal?! I would not know, I am a human for the time being. But something tells me that it would feel like being online streaming everything and being nothing and yet experiencing everything with intensity. But I digress….or do I?!

In your world, how much do you contemplate on the outcomes of your action? How many times do you stop and think of your impact? Or is it only in the aftermath of it all do you think of the consequence?

Emancipate yourself

Mr. Baxter – Chief officer of sending good news from Redbubble informed me that my phto was sold as a print.

I took this picture a couple of years ago in a tunnel as I went for my “allowed daily exercise”, when the world came to a holt out of sheer terror, and because you know some peope with too much power said so.

Anywhoo…as a graffiti peace it stood out amid the siblings of others. It needed to be captured, for it said something about the psyche of those times. It was like a shout out to the world, that we needed to wake up and start living again. I do not know who added this art piece on the wall, and sadly it is no more. The tunnel got taken over by the insignificant tags of those who want to be….

Today this image sold as a print and is traveling to the US.

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Sure thing you all heard of the word “manifesting”, right?! Well, I hope you did. But I actually wonder if you ever considered that you are a master manifester?

I have to admit I am a skeptic in most things and one of the skepticism, or perhaps one of the beliefs I hold is that you have to work hard for what you have, it does not come to you instantly. Well, in my culture we have a saying (word for word translation) “waiting for a roasted chicken to fly in your mouth”, means waiting for something to magically happen, meaning you are not really trying. The other thing I kept hearing growing up, and I still hear, is that you do have to earn your living, you can not just hope that something shows up in your world, that hard work is the only way to get what you want.

My parents grew up during a very harsh time in history, then more hardship came their way, and had to always produce things through the sweat of their brows, therefore to them hard work is the only way something will “manifest”. And I guess this is a very old way of thinking because, today, wherever you turn, you hear people say, think it and it will manifest, “if you really want it, and you are the vibration of, it will show up in your world.”

Which one do you believe it’s true? You have to work hard for things, using physical force? Or do you believe that you can think it, and it will show up in your world?

Why am I bringing up this theme? Well, in March of this year, I visited Stonehenge, as you can see in the picture, and I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to visit the stone and be inside the circle?!” and I looked on the website and saw the cost (which I can afford) but it is a bit tricky because of timings and travel, etc. So, I dropped my wish half way. I did the research, I put the wish out into the ether ….and….dropped the intention. Like most of us do. I just asked for something, and then dropped it believing it is impossible. Fast forward to today, and ….. the week-end of the 16th July, I visited the stone circle. Not only did I visit the circle, I had the chance to meditate and connect with the stones, walk among them, and had the privilege of being a beautiful sunny day, with the Moon high in the sky, and be with a group of incredible humans. We did a cocoa ceremony on the site, walked through the dolomite and sat in the inner circle. It is only after the fact, that I realized that I have put this in motion months ago. i completely forgot I have set the intention of wanting visit the site perhaps in the summer.

Sometimes we set ourselves an intention, or we have a belief, or we pick up someone else’s belief, and we limit our own possibilities. Due to our upbringing, more often then not, we create a construct in our head that limits who we can/are/want to be. We create lack because we do not think we are worthy, we forget that we manifest things. We forget that we are manifesting machines. We think it, it happens, we believe it, it happens even more.

So why do you not create more of what you want? Why do you not tune into what you prefer? What believe do you hold that manifests that which you do not prefer? What are the limits you set yourself?

What I did realize that week-end is that, I am an infinite being condensed to a human body, that is too limited in it’s ability to dream big enough. I realized that as the infinite being that I am this human body is too slow in what it can co-create, and therefore I have to give grace to time, so that more of what I want can manifest. I need to allow my infinite self to expand and allow the co-creation.

What do you think you can co-create, if you drop all limiting beliefs?

The path of the I am

I created this painting as an acrylic on canvas a few months ago, but I felt that it needs to be seen wider, and make it available network wide, for it has information and vibration that needs to be passed on.

It represents some of the pieces to the puzzle called Egypt event from February 2022 (and if you read my blogs regularly you will know what I am talking about). The character you see is the entity Matias was channeling when we visited Saqqara as the “water group”, and the cube is the pieces of information that needed to be condensed in one singularity so that the “water group” can upload it to the network via the pyramid and during the main event. The rest of the symbolism is the tree of life, the Nile, our visits to the Pyramid but also the covenant we made 12 thousand years ago to join once more outside the Sphinx, and yet also represented our standing outside the Lion greeting the sunrise. Enjoy!

It is available to buy in my Redbubble store, if it resonates.

The nervous system is nervous

Today’s entry is not really so much about self development as it is me sharing a funny story from the day job. The topic in itself was not a funny one, but ended tickling my funny bone because of the drawings that came out of the session.

I worked with two clients who needed to understand some things about their nervous system and how their reactions to the world may well be on auto pilot rather than as a result of rational thought.

The person on the right is on anti depressants and we were talking about the fact that their mood initially improved but now their mood is back to where it was, so our conversation was about how the medication works, but also how the nervous system works in simple terms. By the end of the conversation I noticed that a creature emerged that smiled, the client wanted to feel happier, therefore the final note was how if they change their perspective and get into therapy (I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist) perhaps the medication and therapy combined may help them feel happier. I only noticed the creature when the session was over, but it was smiling back at the client.

The creature on the left came out of a conversation with the client, where they wanted to improve their relationship with food. So our conversation created a character with a monocle so that the client can see better where the blockages are.

Two session, two individuals, same topic, different outcome.

There are times when we do not set out to be artists, and perhaps the topic may be tough to discuss, but there is no reason why it can not create art and create clarity for the other.

When did you have unexpected outcomes of a situation? Did that unexpected outcome make your day? Were you able to see the beauty in what you have created? Were you able to see the funny side of a potentially less than agreeable situation?

Second wind

I had the idea of this post a few weeks ago, but life happened and completely forgot. Today however I am back to writing a blog entry.

I planted this avocado seed in 2021 at some point, as an experiment,to see if I can germinate a plant.

Many people have been doing this during those moments we were not allowed to leave our homes, though the habit of growing avocados appears to be a long tradition. I am a bit slow to the market with it, but being late is not by any means being last.

The plant plotted along, as most of us do, day to day, first setting down roots, then budding up a few leaves, then it grew taller and then….nothing. I re-potted it in new soil, nothing. I moved it to the window, nothing. I gave it fertilizer, nothing. I spoke to it nicely, nothing. Exactly how it happens to us humans. Then…without warning, it shot up in the air, and now is towering above all other plants. It got a second wind.

Doesn’t this resemble us as humans?! It is just like when we reach those adult moments when we move out of our family home to first take up root in a new place. We find our “new home” and we move everything we own across, and we root down – we say, “this is where I will live from now on.” We find a job, (hopefully before we move from our family home), and we set off in our new career. And then, we get established, and we know what we are doing, and we stay, and our boss says – we gotta move offices or roles, and we say yes, and we plod along, but we stay. They may say – “the budget changed, we can’t afford your salary anymore”, but you love your job, and you like that it allows you to have your house, and you do your sums and 1+1=2 still, so you stay. A friend comes along and tells you of a new opportunity, but because you are comfortable where you are, you stay. Then they move your desk again your title again, but 1+1 still equals 2 so you stay. A relationship comes and you feel happy about life and you stay. But then…something changes and then you feel like the stagnation is no longer acceptable and you leave the job, the relationship, the house and you take a bold decision and change everything, you get a second wind.

When do you think the right conditions for growth are there for you? Are you continuing to stagnate where you are? What are you waiting for? What is stopping you in your growth?

Not everything has to change to get the second wind. The plant did not take up root and shifted completely, it just felt the right conditions were there for growth.

Future past

The sun rise outside the Sphinx, this is what you are actually seeing in this picture. Just behind me there were 2000 people all gathered around the Sphinx, awaiting the sun rise, and saying good bye to the age of Pisces and welcoming the age of Aquarius.

When I saw this image the other day, my brain instantly considered how the person looked like he was almost photographing the future still looking back to the past.

This past week with my clients I found them that they keep going back to the past, instead of focusing of where they want to be they keep looking back crying to get back what they have lost. And I have to admit that my cells also appear to be going back or being stuck in the past. How do I know that? And this took me a while to realize. I know they were stuck in the past because of the overwhelming disillusion, sadness and general state of unease that I was feeling in the past week or so. And as I was reflecting on things the other day, the realization came, that actually what my body was experiencing was a link to the past where I had to find my way again. I realized that instead of mourning the loss on the day that a specific anniversary was , stopping and honoring that day, that moment, that memory, instead I carried on as if nothing happened and busied myself and my brain in the effort of perhaps forgetting. Well, my friends, you may want to consciously forget something, but the body knows, the body always knows.

And whilst I was able to reflect on what was not OK in my body, or actually what my body was trying to remind me, my clients continue dwelling on the past and staying in the past. For me, the moment I acknowledged what I was meant to have honored, I could feel the fog lifting, I could sense how the body and the brain released that which needed releasing.

And of course, as I mentioned in one of my last year’s posts, the future can only happen with a past, we have to sow the seed in the past, so that the future can happen. And in order for a future to take place, honoring the here and now and being present is important.

If we continue dwelling in the past, and only focus on the past, but we do not acknowledge what is happening today, then our cells will continue to live in the past without allowing us to appreciate what is in front of us, and we are unable to gain hope for the future.

So, where are you focusing your attention? Are you in selfie mode constantly taking a snapshot of you in the past, or do you turn the camera to explore the future?

The void

It has been a while since I did a “picture with a meaning” entry. Having seen how many people continue to read these entries, time I picked them up again. It may lead to us repeating ourselves a bit, but hey, what’s life if not an endless loop of doing – learning – repeating?!

So, last entry was in January and now we are about to enter summer, so it is only right to consider starting from the darkness and working our way up to the light.

When you first look at the picture on your phone, this image looks like a black endless void devoid of life, devoid f anything but darkness, and yet if you look closely, if you truly pay attention you can see how small dots of light emerge. And as the dots emerge, a pattern also emerges, and that pattern, if you know astronomy, form meaning. Of course for that meaning to come to light you have to have some knowledge of what it is you are looking at, you have to be able to discern that one dot is in one place, the other in a different configuration, and together they form a constellation, and whether they are a planet or a star or just some random satellite.

In life, we often find ourselves in the void, we get to a place of darkness, a space that we think no living thing can exist. We get to that poin,t and we think “all is pointless and devoid of meaning”. Some of us can discern a bit of light, and we follow it, and we create meaning, and we hang on, and we climb some more, and eventually we surface to a new understanding. For some people the darkness is a scary place, for they have gotten lost there in the past, they fear that the darkness will swallow them whole, with no way out.

In Abydos, Egypt, we were asked this very thing, to become nothing, to become no one, to become no where. Being able to just float in the void was refreshing to me, to some of my group members was a living hell.

Becoming no body, no one, no where, means to me being at zero point, means a refresh, means closing a chapter, recapitulating all, finding the grain of sand and beginning again.

How do you find meaning in the void? How do you become something again from nothing? How do you recognize what needs to be seen and therefore done to continue?

Sacred geometry pendants

All these handmade pendants are now available in my Folksy store.

They were inspired by my trip to Egypt and in some way represent some of the thoughts, impressions experiences in a geometrical form.

I used a pyrography pen to create the designs on wooden blanks.

Some of the designs are available more than once, but some will be one of a kind pieces.


Unfinished – acrylic on card

I started this painting in 2021 as I was exploring the inner working of my soul. After my trip to Egypt I decided to complete the painting, and it birthed it with the title of “Unfinished”.

The painting represents the ever changing universe around us, coming into form using a variety of geometries. It folds and unfolds in various shapes and sizes in the hopes to experience as many aspects of the self as possible.

I listed the original painting in my Folksy store – to buy it click here.

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House in the mountain -painting

Last year, I found myself expressing myself through paint. I do not ordinarily use a brush to explore my creative side, but last year I took the acrylics and made some images manifest. This image of a house near the water is one of those manifestations.

The image was created only using the combination of primary colors – red, yellow and blue. White lit up some of the colors in parts, to create a more realistic toning of the image.

Acrylic on art board – 30 cm X 25 cm

I decided to put it up for sale, perhaps someone will fall in love with it.

To buy the original click the link

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Philae – the temple of Isis -temple of the mother

The temple of Philae was the first temple we visited on my trip to Egypt, when I joined 144 other beautiful souls on a path along the Nile.

We made it over to the island at a very tender time of 4 am when Venus was shining brightly above our heads and Mars was following closely. And yes, 4 am in Egypt is cold and dark, and yet we all got up, and all joined for our first task under the watchful eye of the temple walls and the stars above.

This trip was part of our journey along the Nile with Matias de Stefano, and was part of the YoSoy path, which culminated with an even outside the Great Pyramid in Giza, and we worked towards the activation of a new planetary consciousness.

I recorded the following after our visit at the Temple of Isis.


Today we visited the temple of Isis, the temple of the mother. It is the 12 of February and we are still docked in Aswan.

The wake up was at 3 am, and yet by 2:55 I was awake.

The whole day started in a very Egyptian way with tea. We all gathered in the lobby for our journey to Philae traveling on the Rose buses. 

150 strong group all filed out of the bus and then moved on to the boat, which took us to the island, all the while we were under the watchful eye of Venus, shining so bright so as to be mistaken for a light. Mars was ever so slightly behind, glowing red and almost warning us of the way ahead. 

The day started with a short explanation of the star system, which would be our guide for the first alignment, a calibration of sorts. 12 groups of 12 arranged in the shape of the Metatron cube, representing all the constellations of the zodiac.

My group represented Libra. And before we even set off on this voyage of inner discovery and discovery of the world , conflict arose.  Our group is full of females with one guy representing the male energy in the circle. It is as if this male now has 11 wives helping him along on his path.

We first connected in the circle holding hands, one facing up to receive and one facing down to discharge the information. 

The group then connected with its own internal energy starting from the chakra below the feet and moving the earth energy up through the body all the way up to the above the head chakra. The circle stayed intact this time, though part of the group still vocalized out of harmony with the rest of them. Today the lady with the unruly kundalini appeared to be less active, the energy did not surge, it did not distract like it did the other day. She managed to harmonize with the group. We all became the energy of the place, always holding the heart of the dragon at the core of our circle.

After the short connection we moved to the open courtyard of the temple where all of us formed a massive circle.  The connection was re-created through holding of hands whilst Matias went into the chamber to connect with Mother Isis. When Matias came out of the home a cat preceded him, staying fixed on the temple steps, as if being a guardian of the place and of the soul of who will be joining us soon. As the group chanted rhythmically the cat wondered in the middle of the circle walking from one side to the next watching the group, then settled in the middle and watched up, expecting for Matias to make his next move. He walked to one corner, where he, I guess appeared to honor the pillar, he then walked to what appeared to be the center, where he touched the floor and played with the sand, both gestures imitating that of a cat. 

The instruction came that we have nothing else to do now but feel, and feel I have, as Matias chanted, the usual connection started to be created. A light orb from the right, which then became larger. The orb of white that usually is a sign of my connection became my guide. The light in the right became brighter and brighter, Mati touched my shoulders as the energy was building, and before we went into the womb of the mother the light from the side became an orb. The orb enveloped me as if protecting me.

 Today when I was holding hands in the big circle, I felt the energy of the person next to me in my elbow. 

Matias touched both my shoulders firmly with not much resistance, as if reassuring me for what it will come. This gesture in fact was something he went around and did to everyone, a touch of the heart as if connecting us all to each other.

A short time after, the uncontrollable urge to cry came over me. I worked hard at not bursting out in a very vocal cry, but I felt how my very soul was being ripped from within and such soul pain, as I have not had for a very long time. The tears just started flowing and flowing with little control from me. 

Crying in public this way, reminded me of the shame I carry of not showing my emotions to anyone, and yet. Today, I could not help but shed the tears of the Mother. Shed the tears that all mothers have, of something that used to be but it is no more. As we continued with the chanting various images came to mind. I saw pyramids, I saw women in white, I saw women as if the same hair as Cleopatra. I saw a woman dressed in black walking up the steps and sitting down in a regal manner on a throne as if she was sitting in front of her subjects . 

We walked in the chamber of the Mother and Mati channeled the voice of the mother, who explained that we are no longer children, we are no longer her sons and daughters, but we are adults, adults ready to go into the world, we are complete. This too shed tears for me, for it is a question I always had, what makes me feel like a child within, what makes me not grow up and feel like I am in the need of protection. 

I saw pictures of the crocodile, I saw the female Isis and Osiris. The images flew past. 

The females in white filed out and then the energy of the Mother was gone, and with this the task was over.

Today the message I heard was  “you are complete, the way you are”.

If you wish to hear from Matias himself, how it felt being with Isis on that morning, a member of my group did a video with the feedback after the visit. Feedback session – click here

Where are we in the story?!

Last year in January 2021 I made a promise to myself to write a daily blog on discovering the self using images, that project came to an end January 2022. I used images I captured myself as a starting point for my Patreon entries. I chose Patreon in the hopes that people can become my Patrons and therefore help me move from having a 9-5 day job, to a more creative free range method of earning a living. The Patreon posts for the 365 project will continue to be available for the foreseeable future, and perhaps I may even turn it into a book. Will see….

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But what I did want to talk about, is why I have been silent since my last entry on 11.01.22

I have taken a break from adding entries, as I took part in a conscious quarantine and then I joined a group of 143 other humans on a trip on the Nile, just to join a further 1856 souls at an even near the Great Pyramid in Giza.

For the year 2021 I joined the online and real life community of YO SOY. We explored the different aspects of what it means to be human, and we connected in a network of consciousness.

What did it mean to do a conscious quarantine? It meant immersing myself in the web of knowledge that helped me connect with a particular part of the world, and then represent that part of the world during the event in Giza.

The trip on the Nile was a path of consciousness in itself, we visited the temples and connected with the knowledge through time and space. We used our voices to create the connection, and we used vibration to reach the information.. For a week on the Nile we flowed like the water.

In the next few weeks, I will be posting once a week, where I will be talking about my Egyptian trip and will be sharing images with you, and perhaps short recordings, to give you an insight in what we experienced, and if it resonates the world may become wider and more encompassing for you. We all have our own path that we are walking, and there is no wrong turn, it is just a different experience.

I may also post other times also, using an image to continue the exploration of self.


The pyramid of Kem

This is a picture of the pyramid in Cairo. It is the pyramid of Khafre, the one that still has part of the limestone cladding.

I took this picture early in the morning, when the haze of the morning still enveloped the whole site.

In my mind’s eye, the pyramids should be always reflecting the sun back surrounded by an oasis of trees.

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Party time

364 days completed – with one day left of my challenge, it is time to start celebrating. Tomorrow I will have my last daily entry, as I move on to join the path of the “I am” in a different way. I am joining a global movement for a new planetary consciousness, but until then – click here for my latest entry.


A mirage, is an illusion, it is a brain’s interpretation of what it distinguishes in the distance, it is a game of the mind. Click for the latest entry.


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On January 11th 2021 I started my daily entries on Patreon, today is day 354 with 11 days left to go. On that January day, I decided that for a full year, I will use one of my images as an inspiration for my entries, to help my readers discover a new aspect of themselves. i invited my readers to enter into a dialogue with themselves and discover hidden truth, and acknowledge those truths. I also aimed to make these daily entries free, so that those who need to read them they can, and so those entries will remain free for all to read for as long as I maintain the page.

These last 11 days will help wrap up my journey for these 365 days, as I embark on a new path with my soul family as we join energies to help humanity evolve.

On this last day of the year, I do wish you all my wonderful readers an absolutely amazing 2022, the dream you have for yourself can come true, how you think is how you materialize in the real world, how you feel is how you attract in the real world, how you believe if how the world will seem to you. Be well, be hopeful, be loved, be the best you can be.

As above, so below

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A wider angle

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We are now on day 309 of the 365 days of daily posts. On January 2021 I made a commitment to myself that for a whole calendar year I will post one entry a day, using one of my photos as an inspiration for the post. The daily task was to provide you, my reader a possibility for introspection, and allow a space for reflection. My challenge for the year was to show up daily, find a source for inspiration and provide 15 minute of reflection for my self, creating meaning to my day.

Each day i have delve into my archives, chose an image, and make the connection to the self. Each day, i invite you, the reader, to connect with the content and discover something new about your inner world. Sometimes neither one of us want to do it, and yet, here we are.

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The harvest

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