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The alter ego

The inner world, a most fascinating environment. We are not just body, we are not just mind. We are an integral, unified human being. My latest blog entry on Patreon is ready. Click here – and join the inner discussion about the self.

Where’s Waldo?!

A new week, a new day, a new post. Click here for the latest Patreon entry. With each entry we are getting closer to the 300 mark, and then only 65 more days to go and then we arrive and we rest.


Some days are needing more of an emotional management than others. How was your day?

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A new month, and new type of energy in the world, so time to go back into the cycles of life. Latest blog entry on Patreon – click


Sometimes when our own views of the world are warped we need an anchor to help us get unstuck, ironic, right? My latest Patreon blog entry is ready – join me in the exploration of the self and finding your inner strength. Click here

Today marks day 265 since I started writing the daily blogs on Patreon. On January of 2021 I made a commitment to use one image a day and write an entry inspired by that image to help us explore the inner and the outer world. As of today, we are counting down the remainder of the 100 days of the one year long daily project. If you find the blog entries inspirational why not become a Patron.

For the duration of the 365 days the entries are free to read and will remain free to read by everyone visiting the page for as long as I maintain the page on Patreon.

Do join in with the discussion, or perhaps comment or share the entries if you think someone will benefit from reading it.

Thank you for your journey with me on this amazing spaceship called Earth. You are where you are meant to be, you matter, you are loved.

Wings of change

From the one to the many from the many to the one, we are all a reflection of the other. My latest Patreon blog entry is ready, and you can read it here.

Ready for a conversation?!

If you ever walk through a park in the UK you are likely to see a squirrel doing it’s thing. This one for example was just hanging on to the fence as if wanting to stop off for a chat.

So let’s chat?

What you would like to converse about in these blog entries? ( put your questions in the comments)

What would you like to explore about the self?

What would you like to discover about your inner world that maybe you have not yet explored?

I have been inviting you to join the discussion for over 240 days now.

Have you entered into a conversation with yourself yet?

Have you set yourself some new goals?

Have you decided what is the next step? What excuses have you come up with for not moving on?

I know I have many “valid” excuses, and I bet you have some too.

Are you willing to let go of your excuses?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

Passer by

Today I post my entry from Patreon here as well. The picture you can find on the link of course. But given the topic I felt it is befitting to post it here too.

When I was trialling out my new lens, I wanted to flex my speed photography and what better way to do it then by trying to photograph someone on a motorcycle. Well, I do not live in a town with many Harley’s so a moped had to make do.

As I was looking at this picture I was contemplating how many human beings just watch as life passes them by. Sometimes when I see someone who is either with a bottle in their hands at 8am or a person who may have been using some hard drugs all their life; I just wonder what pain they are trying to hide. I am also contemplating how lonely that life choice can be, when perhaps as individuals are passed by on the streets by so many. I also wonder how the guy selling “the big issue” is like the guy on the moped still in their own life frame, but the world appears to wizz passed them as if on hyper speed. Those moments I wonder when will they get a chance to be able to take a rest from their inner turmoil and be able to breath easy, instead of watching how nights turn into days turning into nights. And of course their cycle may never stop until someone gives them that helping hand to find themselves again.

Last winter when everyone was huddling in their home due to the government mandate to “protect”, the guy selling the “big issue” ( a newspaper sold by homeless individuals in the UK to raise funds for their over night accommodations) was in his normal spot by the shops trying to sell his paper. He was the only seller on the street, when all the shops closed their doors and told their workers to stay home. This guy was out there still trying to make money to afford to live. In that period we were told as “normal folk” to stay indoors and go out only for essential stuff or for sports, and yet he was out there in the hopes that the passers bye would give him the price for his paper. As I approached him with my mask on and warm coat, he smiled and entered into conversation with me. He explained how in the times when nobody carried any change in order to buy the paper he was struggling to make ends meet. He did say that he had no choice but to come out and try and sell papers; but of course even the printing of the paper stopped as it was coming in from London; and they too were told to stay home. For this guy life was passing by at million miles an hour; whilst he was trying his best to survive. Before Christmas I saw his still in the same spot, still smiling kindly to everyone hurrying past him doing the Christmas shopping; I dropped off a small gift with him. He smiled and thank me. Of course today he is still making his sales; but in a more open world where once again his fellow humans were allowed out of their gilded cages, with the only care in the world for freedom and being allowed to socialise again. For this homeless guy it meant he had a steady income again; and he did not need to pretend he has a paper but be able to sell a new edition of big issue. For him life stood still for almost a year on and off; when he was not sure if he would make the next meal, for the rest of humanity on a steady income the year was just an inconvenience because they could not holiday.

I wonder whose life is passing by without purpose, following this story? I wonder how many individuals on this planet were frustrated just because they could not go for a pint, whilst other human beings were trying to live their best life? I wonder how many human beings created meaning in their lives during the shut down? I wonder if they were just passengers on the train, or they have stood up to make a difference for their own world?

When I sat down to write my entry today, I was not sure what I wanted to say. I had a title, and a picture, I did not know how the story will unfold. I wonder if you will sit down at the typewriter of your life and start writing a new entry, starting with a picture and a title….

Feel free to join the discussions via Patreon.

In the shadow

Sometimes hanging back and just chillin’ is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes the self just needs a gentle recharge.

Have you taken a well-deserved break? Did you procrastinate a little? Did you take that nap you wanted? Did you binge watch a series?

Have you actually gone back to being a hamster on a treadmill?

Take a load off, sit in the shade, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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Illusion is everywhere, and sometimes we are too blind to notice it. How is your illusion radar doing? Latest Patreon blog is here – just click

Portrait of a cow

If you really love cows, or just a good black and white portrait of a cow, well, you can buy a print via my Redbubble shop here.

I took this picture during one of my cycle rides in the country. If you have a creature looking at you like this, it is impossible to resist photographing it.

Joint effort

Time to explore if you are a solitary person or not. Check out my Patreon page for the latest entry.

We are on day 234 of 365, with the daily exploration of who we are within and without. For those of you who have been with me so far, thank you, for those who recently discovered these entries, thank you.

For 365 I am posting an image a day that is then the focus of the discussion about the self and introspection. I decided to take on this challenge from January 10th 2021 to January 10th 2022 as a personal journey of commitment but also to give back to the world in service. In my day job I already use introspection and coaching to help human beings evolve and discover their inner strength. For these 365 days I am combining my love of photography and creativity with my skills from the day job to offer and opportunity to my readers to take a journey within, in the safety of their own home.

I launched this project on Patreon so that anyone who is willing and is able to become a “patron” they can do it through a platform set up for this purpose. For the duration of the 365 days from 2021 to 2022 the entries will be free to anyone who wishes to read and join in the discussion. From January 2022 and beyond….well… will see.

Thank you again for visiting, for reading, for showing up for yourself. Life is not easy, life is not a walk in the park, we all go through things in our life, but sometimes it’s just good to know we are not alone.

You are loved, you are seen, you are cherished, you are important in the wide ecosystem on the greatest spaceship in the universe- The Earth.


How many versions of you are there out there? Join the discussion on this topic and face you rinner world once more. My latet Patreon blog is ready – click here.

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Equilibrium and harmony, how do you achieve this within you, have you acknowledged that which is dark or light? Is one over powering the other? Are you all about unicorns and rainbows, or are you all about darkness and doom?! Latest blog entry is ready – click here.

My regular readers, you are absolutely beautiful for following and liking my posts.

Those who have just discovered the random entries on WordPress and then take the time to follow me to Patreon, you are just as stunning and beautiful for following the breadcrumbs. Thank you for joining me on this journey into the self via photography.

You are all appreciated for being, you are indeed all a precious part of Gaia, and with every step on this planet you allow for this world to manifest in it’s infinite aspects of itself. You deserve applause for continuing this path and renewing your faith in humanity. We are indeed all in this together and together we will reach harmony one day.



Today is the day after the night before and this human is in an even more contemplative mood. Today we look in the distance and wonder about the human response. For my latest Patreon entry – click here

The photo blogging continues until we reach blog 365 sometime in January 2022 – every day an image or a thought materializes in an entry. Until January 2022 ever day I invite you my reader to consider your own interaction with the self and the world. I invite you to take a deep dive in the nature of what it means to be human. I invite you to contemplate what makes you YOU, I invite you to explore the inner workings of your mind. There will be days when we tread light on the path of our existence on this planet and there will be days when we plunge in the deepest recesses of our mind.

If you find these blog entries enticing and compelling then do become a Patron via Patreon and help contribute to my creative journey. There are currently two tiers with their individual perks. In the future I am considering expanding the perks and introducing other tiers as well. A comment or a forwarding or a like can also go a long way in supporting my creative path.

Thank you for existing! Thank you for being here! You are where you are supposed to be! The world would not want it in any other way! I am grateful for you being part of the human family! You are valued! You are seen! Now laugh human!

Make the world great again

And after yesterday I was asking you to consider how you deal with conflict in the world, and I hope you managed to find some positive ways to discharge that energy. I invite you today to contemplate how can you make the world great again?

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An interesting topic to explore for ourselves, can be a controversial topic for some, painful for others, or serene for yet another group of humans. Reality is that from time immemorial we needed a family in order to survive in this world, so I wonder who do you call yourself your family? Latest Patreon post available here

Frozen in time

Join me in exploring the inner world and the unconscious, by reading my latest blog on Patreon. I use photography to take you into a deeper exploration of self, and reconnect with your inner world and encourage the mind body connection. For the latest entry click here

Inner hurts

Today’s blog entry on Patreon has a powerful image at it’s center and it’s asking some tough questions of the reader. As we go deeper into our journey of self discovery, the questions become tougher and more revealing of our inner world. If you are ready for the journey to your core – click here – to read the entry.

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