The fall

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Broad view

Today 23/05/2021 or 5/5/5 – however you see the world, it is your own view of the world. My latest blog entry is ready -click here.

Paint a picture

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Hanging out

Inflatable toys on a string in a park in Europe. What better way to entice a child to buy something? It has been a decade since this image was taken therefore it is befitting to turn it into a monochrome image.

I guess following on from yesterday; we are continuing the theme of hanging out in a dark/ noir environment of our own inner world.

But actually, what if, in that inner world, we tried to find some colour, find some inner joy, some window to the world where the sun is shining?

How many of you were willing to visit the darker side of you?

Having looked at the stats on the blog entry, not many people were willing, so I guess the topic of darkness is still tabu amid the human race.

It is interesting to speak about the dark. It is one thing that always frightened us. As a species, we have always sought the light, because it meant that we can survive, we can fend off predators better, we can find out food easier, we were safe.

In the history of humanity, any period that was gruesome was classed as a dark age. So, I guess why would you hang out in those places if, by its very description, our survival may be at stake? Well, for that you may want to go back one day and read the entry.

Today we hang out in the world as if we have no care in the world, as we try to suppress, or try not to remember anything that was darker in our past, and we want to only remember the colourful happy places we have within.

As I am writing this entry, I am wondering how many people do hang out on the internet so they don’t have to face reality?

I wonder how many of you continue to hang out on those platforms, where one episode of a show just rolls into the next?

I wonder how much time you spend playing a game console, to the detriment of being outside and enjoying nature?

I guess if you are reading these entries, perhaps you are happy to hang out on your own, with your thoughts, and perhaps you sometimes look forward to a bit of introspection.

Last week I was observing someone doing everything they could to avoid facing their reality. The tablet was out; they were watching cat videos, followed by catching up on the sports scores, followed by a series on a platform, followed by going for a nap, and all the while I was watching something about symbols in the world that keep on showing up time and time again across the ages. I was musing to myself how different human beings can be, sharing the same space and yet one being introspective about the world; whilst the other being content with its superficiality. Where do you hang out?

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Today we travel to Florence and we are admiring the works of Michelangelo. Are you able to be the sculptor of your own destiny? Join me on my photo blog here, to discover your path to the self.


From 122 m under ground yesterday, we go o 300 ft in the air to project ourselves into the world. MY lates entry on Patreon, is ready to take you into a journey of discovery from the inner to the outer from the high to the low from a start to finish, from the depth to the high. Click here, to read the entry.

In the wind

We follow the flight of two red kites; as we explore how flexible or not we are in our world. Check out my latest entry on my Patreon page and join the journey of self discovery.

Fly you high

My latest entry on my Patreon can be accessed here, we pass another plane in our effort to connect with our selves.

My Patreon entry this calendar year focus on using images as our starting point into the exploration of self. We have entered a new era for humanity, where we have the chance to have a more in-depth look at ourselves. As we spend more time at home due to what is happening globally, it is offering us a chance as a human family to reconnect with our inner world. Many of us have been struggling last year with thoughts and feelings that we were perhaps not been paying attention to for years. Many of us were so busy with life, that we have forgotten to treat our inner world with the care. Many people globally have been struggling with thoughts and feelings all their life, they felt isolated in a world full of billions of humans, to YOU I say, your emotions are valid, to YOU I say, you matter, we are your family. To all of you I say YOU ARE SURVIVORS.

Join me in my daily entries on Patreon as we wade through the dense life of our inner world.


Today we delve into the two opposites, convergent and divergent. We join the dots and tear them apart, in my new entry on Patreon.

Join the internal conversation on the topics of self discovery and self understanding, thought the images and their hidden codices, departing from the visual into the unseen and everything in between. Join the opportunity to explore the self, or just enjoy the beauty of an image.

For 365 days I will be posting an image and propose a topic for self discovery, and if the images or the topics resonate, I invite you to support my creative path, though becoming a patron via the PATREON page.

Fading away

Ah, the moon again. The celestial body that created so many romantic stories in our distant past, and to this day remains a dream yet to be conquered. Join me on my Patreon page as we use the moon to tel the story of the day, and allow it to take you on a journey of self discovery.


Nature is an ever revolving and evolving cycle. The seasons follow each other in a natural way, as sure as the sun showing up in the morning and the moon following as dusk settles. Today in the Patron entry we talk about the re-birth, and finding the new again from the old. Follow the journey into the self together.

Wisdom from the underpass

Today’s blog post on Patreon feeds from the wisdom on the street. A local graffiti artist is challenging the passers by to contemplate their very thoughts. Check out the entry on my page.

Wisdom can be found in many ways in our lives. The information comes to us from all sources. We may be asking ourselves a question and the answer reveals itself in an unusual way. We live in a written environment, everything we see, everything we observe in the world around us, conveys a meaning to our brain. We decode and encode information every day, we draw from our own universe and that of others, and along the way we make meaning from the least meaningless of sources. I invite you, my reader to join me on this journey of discover, as we decode messages in images, we ask ourselves those meaningful questions; the ones that lead to the discovery of the true self, the hidden treasure that is you.

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In my latest blog on Patreon we explore icons and what they mean to us.

Join the exploration of self, from a unique perspective. I propose an image and then we link it to existential questions in order to awaken the mind and the soul on a journey of self discovery.

The edge

Today we climb sky scrapers and join the journey into self and up the mountain. Join me on this trip of self discovery on my Patreon page.


Every day, we start with a picture and discover the world within. The picture is the stating point for the inner discussion and journey, it is a prompt for the mind to wonder about the inner world, and discover new dimensions and insights into the world of who you are.

We will be taking a 365 day journey into the self, where aspects of our hidden world is discovered. We are now at day 18 of this journey. Take each step towards a newer version of self, and discover the magic of human existence.


Time to make it to your local barber/hairdresser/or having the weekly shower?! Or is it?! Join me on the journey into self by visiting my new entry on my Patreon page.

This journey of self discovery is offered to you for the rest of 2021 as we are all trying to find a new way of being as members of this large human family. If these posts resonate and you wish to become a patron, you can. If you know someone who could benefit from a bit of re-connection with self, please share my Patreon Page


Do you ever feel you are drifting? Check out what I mean by this concept, and see if your preconception was right – visit my Patreon page – where I use imagery to ask life questions.

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Leading road

There are times when we have many roads ahead of us, and choosing is impossible. In my new post on Patreon, I challenge you to consider your paths.

Join in with the exploration of self; and discover your potential in life.

As human beings our greatest journey IS into the self, for the answers are within. Take that leap of faith, give your OWN self that chance to discover a limitless world.

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Can you see me?

Which mask are you hiding behind today?

Join the discussion via my Patreon Page, a journey into the soul, a journey of self-discovery.

If my images and questions resonate, and you wish to become a patron, please do. If you wish to share these questions with your friends, then please do. We are all on a journey of self-discovery and finding our place in this vast universe.

No entry!

Have you found the right way in?! Or did you stop at the door?

Join the conversation, and see if you see the path on my Patreon page.

If of course you are happy to join me on the journey and became a patron, by all means open that door and step in.

Are you watching?

With the world unfolding around us, we are told to watch/ to pay attention/to be mindful/ to follow/ to beware, what we are not told that all these phrases can be used for good.

Paying attention, could mean meditation.

Watching – watch the birds fly.

Be mindful – be truly mindful and take a few deep breaths; center yourself, empty your mind and listen to your heart beat for a minute.

Follow – the right posts/right social media accounts/something that feeds the soul in a positive way

Beware – of those thoughts that cause more damage than good.

Check out the meerkat on my Patreon page, let it guide you on your journey through time.

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