Polarity – predator v prey

What do you see? Is it a predator and you are prey, or are you a predator and it is prey?!

Many people based on their model of the world they may be experiencing looking at this dog is a particular way.

For the past few weeks I have found myself speaking to my clients about their survival mechanism and how at times they may see themselves as prey and little time as predators. What many of my clients struggle is to be at point of neutrality. More often then not they are the prey and then they feel they hold no power, they feel helpless and hopeless. Often they do not realise that the survival mechanism is activated and that it is that very mechanism that will keep them alive.

We have explored this theme many times in 2021. I encouraged my readers to explore their model of the world, identify what is that “puts them in the corner with the back to the world” and then try and transform those views.

What is your stance?


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Self care

Today is Sunday, how will you be looking after yourself?! – latest blog entry ready for your reading pleasure – click


Today we are on the shores hoping to spot some dolphins, come join me on the journey, click here, and follow as we take steps towards the edge of who we are.


Today we travel to Florence and we are admiring the works of Michelangelo. Are you able to be the sculptor of your own destiny? Join me on my photo blog here, to discover your path to the self.


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What does scent got to do with it? Have you ever wondered what your brain is doing? Can you smell toast?! :)

My latest entry is ready on Patreon, check it out here. Oh the smell of a super ripe lemon, as you cut through it and you can smell the zing of the lemon rind, and see those luscious drops of lemon juice just dripping off the new slice. Please stop salivating or your computer will short circuit. And you weren’t even eating that juicy lemon slice, now were you?!


My latest blog entry is ready on Patreon, we are exploring options and try to use our imaginations to overcome our limits. Join me on this journey of discovery.


My latest entry on Patreon, raises an existential question. Join me on the journey of self discovery, and observe yourself through the eyes of others.


After being distracted and spending some time playing, today we are taking a walk with the druids of England. I invite you to take a look at your own eternal selves in my latest entry on Patreon.

We have passed the 2nd full moon of 2021 so it is only befitting that we visit an ancient site to explore our presence in the world. We are also swiftly moving towards the Vernal Equinox here in Europe, so it is indeed the most opportune moment to think of the revolution and evolution of time.

Join the journey of exploration, and if it resonates then you can become a patron, and help develop the creative journey further.

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Today’s entry on my Patreon is all about low level photography, I mean taking a picture from the ground level, and tying it all together with survival. Why am I mentioning survival so much in my posts?! Well if you are reading these entries is perhaps because for a while you felt the odd one out, and because for almost a whole calendar year we have been told that if we keep our distance we will survive, when our very survival is based on being close to each other and be connected. Every day we are part of the human family we have survived the day before, just like every morning the ancients revered the sun for being born again in the horizon, and then the Moon when it appeared once the sun went to it’s eternal resting place, just for the cycle to start again.

As we spin in this universe on this beautiful planet called Earth, I invite you dear reader to have an amazing experience. Join me in discussions on the journey of self discovery and let’s all be in love with life again.

In the wind

We follow the flight of two red kites; as we explore how flexible or not we are in our world. Check out my latest entry on my Patreon page and join the journey of self discovery.

Fly you high

My latest entry on my Patreon can be accessed here, we pass another plane in our effort to connect with our selves.

My Patreon entry this calendar year focus on using images as our starting point into the exploration of self. We have entered a new era for humanity, where we have the chance to have a more in-depth look at ourselves. As we spend more time at home due to what is happening globally, it is offering us a chance as a human family to reconnect with our inner world. Many of us have been struggling last year with thoughts and feelings that we were perhaps not been paying attention to for years. Many of us were so busy with life, that we have forgotten to treat our inner world with the care. Many people globally have been struggling with thoughts and feelings all their life, they felt isolated in a world full of billions of humans, to YOU I say, your emotions are valid, to YOU I say, you matter, we are your family. To all of you I say YOU ARE SURVIVORS.

Join me in my daily entries on Patreon as we wade through the dense life of our inner world.

Details 2.0

On 21/02/21 my inner self asked that we check on details again, so the title “Details 2.0 came up.” Check out how the 1st and the 2nd entry with the same name on my Patreon page compare.

Just checking

Well, today we are back to the crufts for cats :) and we are checking for pedigree. Do you make the mark you think? Join me on that journey of discovery, of whether you have to make it or not, the choice is always yours. Visit my latest Patreon entry, and join the discussion.

Holding on

Today we use the sphynx as our point of departure in our adventure of self discovery. We are holding on in the hope that we can perhaps …. well if you want to find out more, head to my Patreon Page for the new blog entry.

Join the experience, join the journey, tell a friend, spread the word, comment, give a like, whatever. But most of all allow yourself the freedom to experience.


Today we follow the path of the bumble bee, now you see it,now you don’t :) check out my latest entry on the Patreon blog and join the journey in the world of self discovery.

For 365 days I will be posting images as the starting point on our journey into the self. The journey is what you make of it. I propose the image, you bring yourself to the task. Each day we will spend time reflecting about who we are on this planet, and ultimately who do we want to become. We are in a new era on this planet we moved out of Pisces and we are slowly adapting to Aquarius. Are you ready for an upgrade? Are you ready to see a new path before you? Then join me daily in my blog on Patreon and if it resonates and you wish to support the arts, you can always become a patron. The choice is yours!


What is your comfort zone? How deep is your comfort zone? Are there lots of cobwebs and is there lots of dust? Are you ready to change?? Are you ready for an upgrade? Are you ready to live consciously? Join me on my Patreon page to explore the concepts.


Do you know the story of the enigma machine? Have you heard of Bletchley Park? Both played a role in world history. Today in my blog entry I take you on a brief journey, discover the enigma. Visit my Patreon entry and join the path of self discovery.


Today we sit in judgement, or not on my Patreon Page and we try to take 100% responsibility for what is happening around us. Are you willing to join us in this journey of discovery or our inner world? I will not sit in judgement if you don’t or if you do, I just invite you to open your mind to the possibility of a different experience.


Today we delve into the two opposites, convergent and divergent. We join the dots and tear them apart, in my new entry on Patreon.

Join the internal conversation on the topics of self discovery and self understanding, thought the images and their hidden codices, departing from the visual into the unseen and everything in between. Join the opportunity to explore the self, or just enjoy the beauty of an image.

For 365 days I will be posting an image and propose a topic for self discovery, and if the images or the topics resonate, I invite you to support my creative path, though becoming a patron via the PATREON page.

Fading away

Ah, the moon again. The celestial body that created so many romantic stories in our distant past, and to this day remains a dream yet to be conquered. Join me on my Patreon page as we use the moon to tel the story of the day, and allow it to take you on a journey of self discovery.


Nature is an ever revolving and evolving cycle. The seasons follow each other in a natural way, as sure as the sun showing up in the morning and the moon following as dusk settles. Today in the Patron entry we talk about the re-birth, and finding the new again from the old. Follow the journey into the self together.

Milky Way

Today we travel to the stars. We look beyond the Earth and explore why we should be looking passed the noise within. Join me on the journey into self with my newest entry on Patreon.


Today we look at wisdom, and what this word means to us. We explore what makes our inner and outer world congruent. Join me in discovering the power within by visiting my latest blob on Patreon.


Today we go from the macro to the micro, from the bird’s eye view to the solitary you. We challenge perception and view points. Join me on my Patreon page for my new entry.

Join the journey of self discovery through imagery and imagination, delve into the self from the safety of your own couch. In a time when many of us struggle with our mental health, through the medium of self exploration we hope to find answers to our eternal questions. We are all experts in our own lives, and the answers to many of our existential questions rest within us, but often we are too afraid to ask. It is time to reveal the answers and step into our power, discover that there is a world out there that it is worth exploring.


Time to make it to your local barber/hairdresser/or having the weekly shower?! Or is it?! Join me on the journey into self by visiting my new entry on my Patreon page.

This journey of self discovery is offered to you for the rest of 2021 as we are all trying to find a new way of being as members of this large human family. If these posts resonate and you wish to become a patron, you can. If you know someone who could benefit from a bit of re-connection with self, please share my Patreon Page


Do you ever feel you are drifting? Check out what I mean by this concept, and see if your preconception was right – visit my Patreon page – where I use imagery to ask life questions.

As always join the discussion, join the reflection, and if you think you found some meaning feel free to become a patron. These musings are available to everyone, and if you think you know someone who could benefit, pass the link on.

Who is your guardian?!

When you hear the word guardian, what does your mind show you? Join me on my Patreon page to see and explore this idea.

Join the discussion via my Patreon Page, a journey into the soul, a journey of self-discovery.

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Break through

The water flows where ever it needs to; drop by drop it seeps through. Check out the questions on my Patreon page.

As human beings our greatest journey IS into the self, for the answers are within. Take that leap of faith, give your OWN self that chance to discover a limitless world.

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