Second wind

I had the idea of this post a few weeks ago, but life happened and completely forgot. Today however I am back to writing a blog entry.

I planted this avocado seed in 2021 at some point, as an experiment,to see if I can germinate a plant.

Many people have been doing this during those moments we were not allowed to leave our homes, though the habit of growing avocados appears to be a long tradition. I am a bit slow to the market with it, but being late is not by any means being last.

The plant plotted along, as most of us do, day to day, first setting down roots, then budding up a few leaves, then it grew taller and then….nothing. I re-potted it in new soil, nothing. I moved it to the window, nothing. I gave it fertilizer, nothing. I spoke to it nicely, nothing. Exactly how it happens to us humans. Then…without warning, it shot up in the air, and now is towering above all other plants. It got a second wind.

Doesn’t this resemble us as humans?! It is just like when we reach those adult moments when we move out of our family home to first take up root in a new place. We find our “new home” and we move everything we own across, and we root down – we say, “this is where I will live from now on.” We find a job, (hopefully before we move from our family home), and we set off in our new career. And then, we get established, and we know what we are doing, and we stay, and our boss says – we gotta move offices or roles, and we say yes, and we plod along, but we stay. They may say – “the budget changed, we can’t afford your salary anymore”, but you love your job, and you like that it allows you to have your house, and you do your sums and 1+1=2 still, so you stay. A friend comes along and tells you of a new opportunity, but because you are comfortable where you are, you stay. Then they move your desk again your title again, but 1+1 still equals 2 so you stay. A relationship comes and you feel happy about life and you stay. But then…something changes and then you feel like the stagnation is no longer acceptable and you leave the job, the relationship, the house and you take a bold decision and change everything, you get a second wind.

When do you think the right conditions for growth are there for you? Are you continuing to stagnate where you are? What are you waiting for? What is stopping you in your growth?

Not everything has to change to get the second wind. The plant did not take up root and shifted completely, it just felt the right conditions were there for growth.

Party time

364 days completed – with one day left of my challenge, it is time to start celebrating. Tomorrow I will have my last daily entry, as I move on to join the path of the “I am” in a different way. I am joining a global movement for a new planetary consciousness, but until then – click here for my latest entry.


A mirage, is an illusion, it is a brain’s interpretation of what it distinguishes in the distance, it is a game of the mind. Click for the latest entry.


Time to dream, time to imagine a new life, time to leave the old behind and start anew. Click here for the last entry for 2021.

On January 11th 2021 I started my daily entries on Patreon, today is day 354 with 11 days left to go. On that January day, I decided that for a full year, I will use one of my images as an inspiration for my entries, to help my readers discover a new aspect of themselves. i invited my readers to enter into a dialogue with themselves and discover hidden truth, and acknowledge those truths. I also aimed to make these daily entries free, so that those who need to read them they can, and so those entries will remain free for all to read for as long as I maintain the page.

These last 11 days will help wrap up my journey for these 365 days, as I embark on a new path with my soul family as we join energies to help humanity evolve.

On this last day of the year, I do wish you all my wonderful readers an absolutely amazing 2022, the dream you have for yourself can come true, how you think is how you materialize in the real world, how you feel is how you attract in the real world, how you believe if how the world will seem to you. Be well, be hopeful, be loved, be the best you can be.

As above, so below

Check out the latest blog entry – Patreon is the place where it all happens. We are at day 334 of 365 of my daily blogs. 31 days left, until my challenge of daily writings come to an end for me, however the exploration of self will continue (I hope) for every one of you.


Can you hear that?! Well…check out my latest Patreon entry and read all about it- just click.


Density is opposite to lightness. Join me for a brief check-in with the self. Click here, for the latest blog entry.


Do you float through life effortlessly? Click here – and join the internal discussion, my latest entry on Patreon is ready for your reading pleasure.

A wider angle

Time for a lens change, and a focal change. Click here for a new entry on Patreon.

We are now on day 309 of the 365 days of daily posts. On January 2021 I made a commitment to myself that for a whole calendar year I will post one entry a day, using one of my photos as an inspiration for the post. The daily task was to provide you, my reader a possibility for introspection, and allow a space for reflection. My challenge for the year was to show up daily, find a source for inspiration and provide 15 minute of reflection for my self, creating meaning to my day.

Each day i have delve into my archives, chose an image, and make the connection to the self. Each day, i invite you, the reader, to connect with the content and discover something new about your inner world. Sometimes neither one of us want to do it, and yet, here we are.

56 days remain of this challenge. 56 days of free daily entries. 56 opportunities to discover something new about the world within and without.

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Ashes to ashes dust to dust, but sometimes it’s good to use it to rebuild your life. Click here for the latest blog.

Take a walk on the wild side

How often do you give people the benefit of the doubt?! Click here, and join the discussion on Patreon, or within yourself, the choice is yours.

We are now on day 290 of my 365 day self challenge, where I chose one image out of my photo collection and I invite you to enter into a discussion or even a journey into the self and open your mind to the possibility of a better and more honest future being YOU. We are entering a different level of understanding of who we are as human beings on the planet. We are trying to get back to the core of who we are meant to be, as this vast universe. We all think that the universe is our there beyond our atmosphere, and yet the wildest universe is that of who we are as humans. You only need to consider, that in order for you to be alive trillion of cells need to work in coherence to create your body, not only trillions of cells, but each of those cells are a universe of their own with their own components, and then there are all those electrons and protons and a whole lot of nothing all coalescing into the being called YOU.

Thank you for immersing yourself on this journey of discovery of your inner world, and for allowing your cells to get to know YOU.

The journey in this universe is fraught with many challenges, and yet the universe continues to exist and expand. So, open your mind and join the expansion.

Thank you for being, thank you for being a living cell in this fabulous being called Earth. You are loved, you matter, you are worth it!


Time to make it to your local barber/hairdresser/or having the weekly shower?! Or is it?! Join me on the journey into self by visiting my new entry on my Patreon page.

This journey of self discovery is offered to you for the rest of 2021 as we are all trying to find a new way of being as members of this large human family. If these posts resonate and you wish to become a patron, you can. If you know someone who could benefit from a bit of re-connection with self, please share my Patreon Page

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