Rose quartz pendant

Another one of my wire wrapped pieces. This time we have a heart shaped rose quartz gem stone; wrapped in tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire.
As always it is available for purchase on my online Folky shop.

the pendant looks simple and yet it took 2 hours to wrap. YEs; you read right – though the wrapping seems simple; I still had to figure out how to finish off the pendant. By the end I had 6 pieces of wire to finish off in a way that it will not unrevel or poke out anywhere.

The item ships world wide; but my UK followers have free shipping included in the price. november 19-487.jpg

Wings of Love – silver plated copper wire Rose quartz pendant

wings of love.jpg


Wings of love


This beautiful pendant is made from tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire.

The pendant also contains two moonstones  (rose quartz); a heart shaped one and a bead. The heart shaped stone is 1.6 cm in size; the bead is 0.5 mm

Pendant Size 4 X 3 cm or 1.57 X 1.18 inch

This beautiful pendant can be purchased on my Etsy shop: Wings of Love

The item will come in a beautiful pink organza bag with a silver plated chain.

International shipping available on Etsy; if you do want to buy multiple items; I am able to bundle them into one shipping – please contact me directly for requests.  Etsy accepts paypal, visa, mastercard or american express. If you wish to buy this piece away from Etsy – this can also be accommodated -please send me an email and see what we can do.


Mystical powers of the moonstone:

Moonstones are associated with love and affection; It is an excellent crystal for first or new love, and is a comforting talisman if love must be kept a secret. It is a perfect gift if you wish to show that special someone that you care for her. It is also said that it is the perfect crystal to attract love; so if you are looking for a special someone; this crystal will bring him/her to you.

As all crystals this too should be cleansed so that it can charge with your energy; it can be done by putting directly in the light of the Moon or with water.

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