Shea shell and pearl pendant

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Sea shell pendant

(price included postage and packaging; 24" silver plated chain; comes in a handy storage pouch - international shipping)


This pendant is hand made using a sea shell that I found on the shores of the ocean in Portugal. The town of Cascais was an ideal place to collect shells on the sandy beaches. True it takes some searching to find inspiring items; but when you find it – it just allows for imagination to flow. due to the shimmering light of the shell – i felt introducing a pearl in the pendant would create a story for this piece.

The shell has been coated with clear varnish to preserve it from the effects of the atmosphere. Nestled in the wire wrapping is a cultured pearl. The wire wrapping is made using tarnish resistant silver plated copper wire.

The pendant is reversible; if can be used either with the pearl showing or its back of the shell. This pendant would suit anyone who like eco jewelry or jewelry made from up-cycled materials.

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If you wish to purchase this item you can do so buying it here or by visiting my Etsy page: Sea shell pendant

Double impact – dual shell pendant

shell in shell.jpg

This pendant is made from two shells the wire wrapping is done using silver plated copper wire.

If you wish to purchase it you can do it by pressing the button below:      ( Price: £10+ postage)


Item comes with a silver plated chain in a card envelope free of charge.

International postage available – please send me a message and I will let you know the full price for posting to your location.


The main shell I found it on the shores in Kimmeridge – South of England. I knew then that the only way to use it is to have something else suspended inside it. This gave birth to the piece you see before you. The trickiest part was working out how to attach the second shell inside so as to have the illusion as if one floats inside the other.

Copper wire wrapped seashell


This pendant is made from a sea shell found on the coast of Britain at Kimmeridge. It is glazed with polish for durability. The wire is red copper; holding the shell in place.

Kimmeridge is an area in the South of the UK where the whole coast is full of sedimentary rock and you are able to see ammonites everywhere.

The presence of fossils inspired me to create this pendant. It is special because it is made from natural materials.

The pendant will look great with a silver or copper chain.

If you wish to purchase it; you can do so via my Etsy page: Copper wire and sea shell clef (£10+ shipping)

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