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Hanging out

Inflatable toys on a string in a park in Europe. What better way to entice a child to buy something? It has been a decade since this image was taken therefore it is befitting to turn it into a monochrome image.

I guess following on from yesterday; we are continuing the theme of hanging out in a dark/ noir environment of our own inner world.

But actually, what if, in that inner world, we tried to find some colour, find some inner joy, some window to the world where the sun is shining?

How many of you were willing to visit the darker side of you?

Having looked at the stats on the blog entry, not many people were willing, so I guess the topic of darkness is still tabu amid the human race.

It is interesting to speak about the dark. It is one thing that always frightened us. As a species, we have always sought the light, because it meant that we can survive, we can fend off predators better, we can find out food easier, we were safe.

In the history of humanity, any period that was gruesome was classed as a dark age. So, I guess why would you hang out in those places if, by its very description, our survival may be at stake? Well, for that you may want to go back one day and read the entry.

Today we hang out in the world as if we have no care in the world, as we try to suppress, or try not to remember anything that was darker in our past, and we want to only remember the colourful happy places we have within.

As I am writing this entry, I am wondering how many people do hang out on the internet so they don’t have to face reality?

I wonder how many of you continue to hang out on those platforms, where one episode of a show just rolls into the next?

I wonder how much time you spend playing a game console, to the detriment of being outside and enjoying nature?

I guess if you are reading these entries, perhaps you are happy to hang out on your own, with your thoughts, and perhaps you sometimes look forward to a bit of introspection.

Last week I was observing someone doing everything they could to avoid facing their reality. The tablet was out; they were watching cat videos, followed by catching up on the sports scores, followed by a series on a platform, followed by going for a nap, and all the while I was watching something about symbols in the world that keep on showing up time and time again across the ages. I was musing to myself how different human beings can be, sharing the same space and yet one being introspective about the world; whilst the other being content with its superficiality. Where do you hang out?

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1882 – the first stones, the foundations were laid down for this church, in the hopes that it will become a place of worship that is open to everyone. The church is not yet finished. It only has a hope of being finished, perhaps in 2026. So yes… it is still unfinished in 2021.

I guess the history of most churches in earlier history was that many of them took years to be completed, some centuries, some would be built then destroyed, then build again and so the cycle went.

What does an unfinished building have to do with you, and to do with your sense of self?!

If you have to ask that question, then you are the very person who perhaps needs to do some introspection.

Do you feel you are completed?

Do you feel you have learnt everything there is to be learned about you?

Do you feel like all the arches, all the walls, all the windows, all levels have been completed about yourself?

Do you have a good foundation?

Can you build more on top of it?

Have you renovated your inner world lately?

Have you spring-cleaned those cobwebs?

Have you washed the windows of your soul?

Have you cleared your closet of all those skeletons?

Are the monsters still under your bed?

Have you buried the memories with compassion, love, and acceptance?

Have you let the light in as of late?

Is the sun shining through the windows of your soul?

Have you tended the garden of your emotions?

Have you plucked out the weeds, the things you no longer need?

Have you replanted those patches that have been burned within your heart?

Are you able to see the architecture, the plans?

Have you spoken to the structural engineer as of late?

What happened with all those collapsed dreams, those failed attempts at building a future – have you cleaned them up, reenforced the structures, re-directed the pipelines; so, they don’t burst?

We may be a human being, but just like a building, the structures, the foundations, the individual parts of us need to fit together just right in order for us to be able to enjoy US to its fullest. Recognise the surrounding colours, be able to feel all the emotions to their fullest, be able to think and feel at the same time.

If our metaphorical building inside is a collapsed old rickety shack, are we likely to hear the full spectrum of the tones in this world, can we taste the food to its most minute flavour, can we see the full spectrum of colours?

I am unfinished for sure, are you?

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Front seat

As you can see from the image, we are back in Barcelona, Spain.

Today, when I was looking for an image, this particular one spoke to me. The title came easily for this post –”Front seat”.

Today, I want you to take the front seat in what is called your life.

I would like you not only to take the front seat, but I would like to invite you to step into the driving seat of your life.

I would like you to take the steering wheel, put your hand on the 9 o’clock and three o’clock position, hold on and step on the brake pedal.

I want you to hit the brake, so that you take the time to breathe.

Take the time to breathe and contemplate the world around you, for this is the day you may see it all change.

If you have decided to tune in today, I invite you to make a change in your own life.

It does not have to be a big change; but I would invite you to change something that you have been putting off for some time, and today you are ready to do it. It could be that you do the washing up, instead of putting off to tomorrow. Iit may be that you change the sheets on your bed you forgot to change for the past few weeks. Maybe you take a shower for the first time in days.

The change is what you make of it, but do it with intention.

Being in the front seat of your life may feel strange.

Being in charge of the steering wheel of your life may feel even stranger, and it may feel out of place. Hitting the break in a time when it feels like we have been sliding along at a snail’s pace may feel counterintuitive, and yet, without taking a break, looking and facing our reality, we will never implement a change.

Despite the whole world having come to a grinding halt, there are those of you who continue to ignore your true selves.

You choose one of those monthly paid movie subscriptions; binge on news and ignore the here and now. And instead of living your life, you live that which is someone else’s, based on what others expect of you. Perhaps you react as you have always reacted and ignore the fact that what you have been getting in the past is what you continue to get today.

There is only one seat available for your life; and you need to be in it to win it.

Nobody can sit in that seat and try to steer you in a direction. You are the only one who can lead the ship to where it needs to be. Some people may think they can lead you, but unless you give away your choice and allow the ship to steer itself, no other human on the planet can make you do anything. The anger you felt yesterday, it was all you. The sadness you felt within, it is you. The happiness you crave for so much is within you, you just have to shift the view.

Instead of staring aimlessly in the distance, refocus your attention.

Instead of blaming the tool, the environment, the circumstances, take back control of the reaction and respond.

The seat is available; it is free; it is waiting for its master. All you have to do is sit down and drive.

Are you up to the challenge?

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Look! Humans!

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CONTEXT:Many may be wondering what are all these posts all about relating to a blog on Patreon. Well… as of January 11th 2021, I decided that I will post one picture a day on my Patreon page and use the image as a platform to self exploration. Throughout my life, friends have often come to ask me existential questions, so this year I decided to blend my love of photography and self development questions. We are living through some tough times as a human family and I know that mental health support is so difficult to find at the right time and level, so through my blog posts I invite the viewer to explore questions with the help of an image. I set myself the target of posting an image a day and keep it up for at least a year, and perhaps when the year is up, I will turn it into a “diary of sorts” that perhaps can be published. The ethos of Patreon is to seek patrons who are willing to invest in an artist and thus create a steady income.If you visit my page you will see the different tiers. The blog entries for 2021 will be free to everyone who needs it. Of course if this resonates than by all means become a patron. What I want to do is invite the reader to enter into a discussion and indeed reach out so they do not feel alone. They say an image is worth a thousand words. Indeed, an image can be a static snapshot of one moment in time, or a vehicle for self reflection. Join the discussion if you wish: PATREON


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Just checking

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What is your comfort zone? How deep is your comfort zone? Are there lots of cobwebs and is there lots of dust? Are you ready to change?? Are you ready for an upgrade? Are you ready to live consciously? Join me on my Patreon page to explore the concepts.

Fading away

Ah, the moon again. The celestial body that created so many romantic stories in our distant past, and to this day remains a dream yet to be conquered. Join me on my Patreon page as we use the moon to tel the story of the day, and allow it to take you on a journey of self discovery.


Nature is an ever revolving and evolving cycle. The seasons follow each other in a natural way, as sure as the sun showing up in the morning and the moon following as dusk settles. Today in the Patron entry we talk about the re-birth, and finding the new again from the old. Follow the journey into the self together.

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