1882 – the first stones, the foundations were laid down for this church, in the hopes that it will become a place of worship that is open to everyone. The church is not yet finished. It only has a hope of being finished, perhaps in 2026. So yes… it is still unfinished in 2021.

I guess the history of most churches in earlier history was that many of them took years to be completed, some centuries, some would be built then destroyed, then build again and so the cycle went.

What does an unfinished building have to do with you, and to do with your sense of self?!

If you have to ask that question, then you are the very person who perhaps needs to do some introspection.

Do you feel you are completed?

Do you feel you have learnt everything there is to be learned about you?

Do you feel like all the arches, all the walls, all the windows, all levels have been completed about yourself?

Do you have a good foundation?

Can you build more on top of it?

Have you renovated your inner world lately?

Have you spring-cleaned those cobwebs?

Have you washed the windows of your soul?

Have you cleared your closet of all those skeletons?

Are the monsters still under your bed?

Have you buried the memories with compassion, love, and acceptance?

Have you let the light in as of late?

Is the sun shining through the windows of your soul?

Have you tended the garden of your emotions?

Have you plucked out the weeds, the things you no longer need?

Have you replanted those patches that have been burned within your heart?

Are you able to see the architecture, the plans?

Have you spoken to the structural engineer as of late?

What happened with all those collapsed dreams, those failed attempts at building a future – have you cleaned them up, reenforced the structures, re-directed the pipelines; so, they don’t burst?

We may be a human being, but just like a building, the structures, the foundations, the individual parts of us need to fit together just right in order for us to be able to enjoy US to its fullest. Recognise the surrounding colours, be able to feel all the emotions to their fullest, be able to think and feel at the same time.

If our metaphorical building inside is a collapsed old rickety shack, are we likely to hear the full spectrum of the tones in this world, can we taste the food to its most minute flavour, can we see the full spectrum of colours?

I am unfinished for sure, are you?

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The theme for the whole of the week for me was “survival” the amount of time I had to use this word with people is incredible. For some reason many people needed to hear, that they are not going crazy they were just protecting themselves in the past. Anywhooo….my latest entry is available on Patreon, go check it out here.


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Step in

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Tale of two halves

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Light it up

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What does scent got to do with it? Have you ever wondered what your brain is doing? Can you smell toast?! :)

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Today’s entry on my Patreon is all about low level photography, I mean taking a picture from the ground level, and tying it all together with survival. Why am I mentioning survival so much in my posts?! Well if you are reading these entries is perhaps because for a while you felt the odd one out, and because for almost a whole calendar year we have been told that if we keep our distance we will survive, when our very survival is based on being close to each other and be connected. Every day we are part of the human family we have survived the day before, just like every morning the ancients revered the sun for being born again in the horizon, and then the Moon when it appeared once the sun went to it’s eternal resting place, just for the cycle to start again.

As we spin in this universe on this beautiful planet called Earth, I invite you dear reader to have an amazing experience. Join me in discussions on the journey of self discovery and let’s all be in love with life again.

Post it

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Fly you high

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My Patreon entry this calendar year focus on using images as our starting point into the exploration of self. We have entered a new era for humanity, where we have the chance to have a more in-depth look at ourselves. As we spend more time at home due to what is happening globally, it is offering us a chance as a human family to reconnect with our inner world. Many of us have been struggling last year with thoughts and feelings that we were perhaps not been paying attention to for years. Many of us were so busy with life, that we have forgotten to treat our inner world with the care. Many people globally have been struggling with thoughts and feelings all their life, they felt isolated in a world full of billions of humans, to YOU I say, your emotions are valid, to YOU I say, you matter, we are your family. To all of you I say YOU ARE SURVIVORS.

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Do you know the story of the enigma machine? Have you heard of Bletchley Park? Both played a role in world history. Today in my blog entry I take you on a brief journey, discover the enigma. Visit my Patreon entry and join the path of self discovery.

Fading away

Ah, the moon again. The celestial body that created so many romantic stories in our distant past, and to this day remains a dream yet to be conquered. Join me on my Patreon page as we use the moon to tel the story of the day, and allow it to take you on a journey of self discovery.

Wisdom from the underpass

Today’s blog post on Patreon feeds from the wisdom on the street. A local graffiti artist is challenging the passers by to contemplate their very thoughts. Check out the entry on my page.

Wisdom can be found in many ways in our lives. The information comes to us from all sources. We may be asking ourselves a question and the answer reveals itself in an unusual way. We live in a written environment, everything we see, everything we observe in the world around us, conveys a meaning to our brain. We decode and encode information every day, we draw from our own universe and that of others, and along the way we make meaning from the least meaningless of sources. I invite you, my reader to join me on this journey of discover, as we decode messages in images, we ask ourselves those meaningful questions; the ones that lead to the discovery of the true self, the hidden treasure that is you.

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Today we go from the macro to the micro, from the bird’s eye view to the solitary you. We challenge perception and view points. Join me on my Patreon page for my new entry.

Join the journey of self discovery through imagery and imagination, delve into the self from the safety of your own couch. In a time when many of us struggle with our mental health, through the medium of self exploration we hope to find answers to our eternal questions. We are all experts in our own lives, and the answers to many of our existential questions rest within us, but often we are too afraid to ask. It is time to reveal the answers and step into our power, discover that there is a world out there that it is worth exploring.


In my latest blog on Patreon we explore icons and what they mean to us.

Join the exploration of self, from a unique perspective. I propose an image and then we link it to existential questions in order to awaken the mind and the soul on a journey of self discovery.

The edge

Today we climb sky scrapers and join the journey into self and up the mountain. Join me on this trip of self discovery on my Patreon page.


Every day, we start with a picture and discover the world within. The picture is the stating point for the inner discussion and journey, it is a prompt for the mind to wonder about the inner world, and discover new dimensions and insights into the world of who you are.

We will be taking a 365 day journey into the self, where aspects of our hidden world is discovered. We are now at day 18 of this journey. Take each step towards a newer version of self, and discover the magic of human existence.


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Break through

The water flows where ever it needs to; drop by drop it seeps through. Check out the questions on my Patreon page.

As human beings our greatest journey IS into the self, for the answers are within. Take that leap of faith, give your OWN self that chance to discover a limitless world.

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