The joy of recognition

All of us gain our image of self from all around us. When we do a job well and someone tells us about it, we believe it. When something we created sells, we are overjoyed. When our beloved partner smiles at us, we know we matter.
As a creative person, the recognition does come from a point of sale, when someone else has valued it enough to dig into their pocket and reward it with paying for the piece.

This past month I sold two of my images as objects. Someone from the USA bought an I-phone case with my image on it, someone from the UK bought a card with my image. When I get those emails I’m loving it.

As a budding photographer, being recognized through sales is amazing.

I just wanted to share this with you too.

Celtic CrossMonte-Carlo BayHighclear CastleWinter wonderland; The alhambra


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