The winner’s medal – the creative process

Saturdays are my creative days. Having a full time job, the weekends are all about creativity.I sometimes doodle whilst talking on the phone or in meetings, and at times I turn them into jewelry.


Above you can see the breakdown of the pendant the weaves used to create the details and the shape.

Below you can see some of the steps in action.

The original drawing  just had a circle with v-lines cutting it through. I knew that this could be a pendant the moment the doodle took shape.

All in all it took me 6 hours to weave it, mostly because the wrapping is fiddly and at times a nice cup of coffee and a break was needed. The wrapping is a repetitive movement, frequent breaks are needed so as not to end up with stiff joints.

I think the end product is worth the wait.

Each piece is a work of art in itself, each piece, though it may look the same (if more than one is produced ) minor deviations occur, it is after all a hand made item.
Individuality is what gives our world its beauty. Enjoy!

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