Who am I and why does it matter?!

Today’s day is one of reflection and surprise.

One of my clients today spoke of the very title of what I envisaged as a self transformatove course. This client mentioned how they are at a point in their lives where they are wondering who are they? What is their purpose? What is next? Why did they matter? This client also reflected back on how for years we attend school and we are being given a prescripted life, to then be told go out there and be who you want to be.

As I was sitting in reflection, it dawned on me how what they were saying, is the very topic of a course I would like to run for adultsx who want to discover what is indeed their excitement.

Often we have thoughts that become reality, throught the voice of others and when that happens a real transformation takes place. We connect with aspects of self that we felt unheard or not listened to, and provide (as by magic) a platform to acknowledge what is required.

Would you be interested in re-discovering who you are, and why does it matter?

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