Are you ready to re-frame reality?! My latest blog entry via Patreon can be found here.

If you are wondering why a blog is sending you to another blog site – well, it is because I am giving YOU the reader to become a patron, if you find my entries inspiring, you can become a monthly subscriber. Check out the benefits here.

We are day 159 of 365, with a picture a day and journeying into the self, the psyche, the thought, the internal path trying to create a more integrated self. In January 2021 I made a commitment to myself to post an image and an entry every day for a full year, and then perhaps turn these musings into a journal of self discovery that people will then be able to buy. For the duration of this year’s project, the entries will be free to anyone who needs that introspection, and of course i invite YOU the reader to join the discussion.

In November 2020 – I posted an entry which asked “If I could give up my day job and still have an abundant life…..I would…” – which was a survey of anyone reading my blog to consider what would they do if they gave up their day job. I am still interested in our answers – the survey can be found here. No personal data is stored other than your ticked box, counting up the answers. I invite you to also consider what would you chose to do instead of your “work” – yup you can click here, to give your opinion.

Thank YOU for being! You mean the WORLD to me! You are precious! You ARE special! YOU matter!

Have a safe journey on planet Earth!

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