Today we travel to Florence and we are admiring the works of Michelangelo. Are you able to be the sculptor of your own destiny? Join me on my photo blog here, to discover your path to the self.


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We continue our journey into the self, with daily images, exploring who we are and what makes us important on this planet.


So, was it Mary or not Mary what you saw yesterday, in my post?! Well today you may have a different expectation, so check out the entry, and see if it matches what you were hoping.

Mary Christmas

Now then is it Merry or Mary – check it out, maybe it’s Jon, maybe it is Saturnalia, but then again symbols perceptions beliefs, do they not all fall into the same category? My latest entry is ready – click, and all shall be revealed.


The theme for the whole of the week for me was “survival” the amount of time I had to use this word with people is incredible. For some reason many people needed to hear, that they are not going crazy they were just protecting themselves in the past. Anywhooo….my latest entry is available on Patreon, go check it out here.


Wow! Identity, really? Not that topic?! Not the hot potato topic?! Well, there is no self exploration I would say without touching on the topic of identity. Join me here, to see what questions arise, and whilst your there enjoy a beauty of photography.


My latest entry is ready on Patreon – join the discussion and explore your inner world, one picture at a time. Our self wants to talk to us if we are willing to listen. Check out my entry here

Step in

My latest entry is available on Patreon. I invite you to step in and take a look at all the rooms of your own self, and check out if you dare, what is hidden, or revealed.


My latest entry is ready for your eyes to see your mind to wonder, and your heart to feel. Join me on Patreon, and check it out, here.

Tale of two halves

Have you ever seen the ocean meet the Earth?! You can have a bird’s eye view of how the beauty of Earth is expressed in opposites. My latest blog entry is ready in Patreon – you can read it here.


From 122 m under ground yesterday, we go o 300 ft in the air to project ourselves into the world. MY lates entry on Patreon, is ready to take you into a journey of discovery from the inner to the outer from the high to the low from a start to finish, from the depth to the high. Click here, to read the entry.

Light it up

My latest entry is ready on Patreon – today we use light to see that which we often hide. Join me in the exploration of self. For 365 days every day we are taking one image and link it back to our human condition, and try to discover what makes us uniquely us, and what is it we want to do on this planet. Join the discussion, with me or with your own self on this journey of discovery.

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My latest entry on Patreon is ready,check it out here. What words do you use? Well, have a think, and then have a read – or have a read and then have a think, but yeah – check out my blog entry.


What does scent got to do with it? Have you ever wondered what your brain is doing? Can you smell toast?! :)

My latest entry is ready on Patreon, check it out here. Oh the smell of a super ripe lemon, as you cut through it and you can smell the zing of the lemon rind, and see those luscious drops of lemon juice just dripping off the new slice. Please stop salivating or your computer will short circuit. And you weren’t even eating that juicy lemon slice, now were you?!


My latest blog entry is ready on Patreon, we are exploring options and try to use our imaginations to overcome our limits. Join me on this journey of discovery.


My latest entry on Patreon, raises an existential question. Join me on the journey of self discovery, and observe yourself through the eyes of others.

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