Gabriella Szekely is an informal educator who has a passion for creativity in many forms. This site wishes to combine her artistic world – her love of photography and her passion for making things and help humanity develop to a more coherent self.

“With a creative mind it is impossible to limit yourself to just one object; just one theme; to one idea. Our mind wonders; and wanders and therefore limiting yourself to just one aspect of your personality can be stifling.

I am an artisan who is home taught in creating hand made jewellery, knitting and crocheting various decorative items and clothing. I inherited this ability to create home made objects from my parents – my dad in his spare time used to create furniture from cold wrought iron; whilst my mum used to knit and sew to create decorative object for the home.

My photography has seen global exposure. My images were published on tourism sites, are sold as prints; apparel and wearable art. Some of my prints are hanging on walls in the USA; are being worn in Australia and being sent via post globally in the form of postcards.   A number of my photographs have been exhibited globally as digital art between 2018-2020. 

My jewellery pieces use a combination of silver plated copper, silver and yarn to creat wearable pieces of art. My pendants are chuncky and eclectic in style. I use natural materials as well as polished semi precious stones. All my items are hand made and so far use no soldering, but rather use intricate waving techniques to hold wires in place. 

I am a curretnly a meber of the Guild of Guild of Jewellery Designers.

For my jewellery I have a presence on Etsy (US based shopping platform) and Folksy (UK based shopping platform).

For my photoraphy you can find me on Redbubble and Imagekind.

And when creativity is taking a break I work toward supporting people develop into the real selves, the authentic selves. I use the wisdom of the elders, the wisdom of the current world and their own life experinces to help young people and adults to find the answers to the old important question – Who am I? And why do I matter?!

The journey has just begun, the past can not be changed, the future is not yet in existance, we are eternal beings in the here and now.