Awakening the guardians on Sao Miguel, Azores

In 2022 two worthwhile journeys took place, at the start of the year and towards the end. 2023 sought to offer the third installment, in the middle of the year. Whilst 2022 was about discovery, 2023 was about the journey. In July I joined a group of amazing women on the Island of St. Miguel in the Azores, for the awakening of the guardians.

For a week, together with an international group, we completed a task, to unite the masculine and feminine energy of the island.

This was a retreats that my friend Ana organized, a very talented woman from Portugal, whom I met in Egypt. We both took part in the trip along the Nile and then near Cerro Uritorco in Argentina.

This time the call came to work with the energies in the Azores.

This unique opportunity took me to a magical land, where the guardians were not just the humans on the journey, but also the rocks held fast their watch over the ocean and the rivers.

With each task a message came through for each of us….

These messages were there to guide our own energies and wisdom to a new path of discovery, and with each card the self assurance came that we were on task and on the right track.

We travelled from the furthest point on the island to the Lighthouse in Arnel

to the other side of the island to the Mouth of the devil, Parque Estacionamento Ferraria.

The emotions, feelings, impressions are hard to describe, as I continue to make sense of what the experience means. What is clear that the internal systems received a new upgrade through this 3rd introspective trip.

The biggest take away for me is that I have to be open to the possibility that I can read energy, that I can tap into that field of protons and electrons and that I should not fear the power. I can connect with the seen and unseen, animate inanimate, embodied or disembodied. I am a healer in spirit and in body, and therefore I have to recognize my own power that I bring into this human world.

The wisdom of the land is so abundant though, as a populated island, is relatively new, compared to other parts of the world. On this lush rock, where humans have not left a long enough imprint, nature has certainly had many stories to tell.

We had the interesting experience of staying in a 15h century Franciscan Monastery. I say interesting experience because the guardians of the building (in spirit form) made sure we knew they were still in charge. The first time I stepped foot inside, a really heavy energy was present in the halls. This energy was even more prevalent in the areas we were due to have breakfast. We later found out that the dining area was used as an isolation room for the sick monks, but also where a healer could come in from the outside without needing to walk through the whole building. The place eventually made peace with our own energy, especially as we made sure to be respectful of the place and seeking permission to do our work.

As I mentioned at the start, if a 15th century haunted monastery was not enough, the island indeed had a variety of guardians in stone, trees, landscape windows and clouds. We saw faces, holly cows, and a variety of dragons. The land wanted to let us know that we were not alone. I guess, as humans we forget that we are indeed not the only sentient being on this planet, and we forget that just because we can not see into other dimensions, it does not mean that other beings can not join us in the journey. For me the signs were obvious, I was able to tap into the magic of this land and notice when the land was communicating with me.

I suppose, the imagination of the human is infinite and as a result we could see signs and prompts everywhere. When you are willing to see a different world then that which you are told through the news outlets, a more magical experience unfolds.

When I stepped foot on the island I did not know what to expect. I started my journey doing an 8hour group trip with the every day Joes, exploring the sights from start to finish, from the low of the ocean to the highs of the volcanoes. I asked for permission from all the elements: water (through the rain), air (coastal wind), Earth (we ate food cooked in the ground, and drank mineral water filtered by the Earth), fire ( corn cooked in the boiling water of the geyser)

Element – wind/water

Then I joined this exceptional group of humans, and the rest is now history as they say.

And when it came to say good-bye to the Island, my 8 hour journey from the start became the reverse journey. Saying our good bye to the element water at the furthest point North-the Lighthouse. We then said good bye to the element fire by trying to reach a very popular volcano – but had to turn around because everyone had the same idea. We chose to say good bye to the element air and earth, last in the southern part of the Island.

From the moment we are born, we are told that as human beings our job is to conform and to keep to the rules, or else…depending if you grow up in a faith or not there is always a boogeyman who will get you if you do not follow the status quo. And from that moment on we forget how to dream, how to see the world beyond the vail, we loose our natural gifts and talents.

This trip was not just about the sights and about joining a task someone was given by their guides, but it was also a trip of discovering each and every one of our strength. We had group members who were sharing their knowledge about human design, and how that gives us a description of our innate make-up. We had a regenerative detox specialist. We had a vegan/vegetarian baker, who made some exceptional vegan sweet treats. We had someone who was training as a holistic massage therapist – who daily re-aligned spins, depressed muscles and generally made sure our body was doing well. And so that we are connected from Earth to heaven and heaven on Earth – we had a flight attendant also, to help us navigate the low lows and high highs.

The beauty of such groups is that we all have talents that perhaps we keep to ourselves because the mainstream may find it to intimidating or difficult to reconcile. The magical thing is that we all came together and shared our skills in this human world, so that in the continuum of the universe, those talents get recognized and enhanced.

And whilst the trip has come to an end, the network remains alive and thriving. All these connections transcend time and space, we are all one.

I leave you with the message, that turned up a few times when we drew tarot cards during the trip

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