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Do you ever truly see yourself in the reflective surface? Check out the discussion on my Patreon blog here


If you tripped and fell would you sit on the floor for all eternity? Or would you get up an carry one? Duality, the interesting side to our physical world. Check out my latest photo blog here

Blending in

How are you blending in, into your surroundings? What have you done in your life to become one with that which is around you? Are you happy to stand out from the crowd? Do you have the courage to be an individual? What makes you blend in? What makes you stand out?

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Today i invite you to expand your reality, so that you are able to better respond to the world around you. Click here for the latest Patreon Entry.


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We are day 159 of 365, with a picture a day and journeying into the self, the psyche, the thought, the internal path trying to create a more integrated self. In January 2021 I made a commitment to myself to post an image and an entry every day for a full year, and then perhaps turn these musings into a journal of self discovery that people will then be able to buy. For the duration of this year’s project, the entries will be free to anyone who needs that introspection, and of course i invite YOU the reader to join the discussion.

In November 2020 – I posted an entry which asked “If I could give up my day job and still have an abundant life…..I would…” – which was a survey of anyone reading my blog to consider what would they do if they gave up their day job. I am still interested in our answers – the survey can be found here. No personal data is stored other than your ticked box, counting up the answers. I invite you to also consider what would you chose to do instead of your “work” – yup you can click here, to give your opinion.

Thank YOU for being! You mean the WORLD to me! You are precious! You ARE special! YOU matter!

Have a safe journey on planet Earth!


Don’t you feel like you are part of a computer game and with each challenge you are upgrading to a new level in life? Well, that is not the topic for the day, but levels are – go ahead, read my latest entry, see what it is all about. Did you click?! If not then I invite you to click here

Nature finds a way

Nature, the most amazing entity on this planet, an intricate biosphere with thousands of species all living in an intricate web of co-existence and co-dependency. Check out my blog – click here.

Once again we delve into the self through photography and using images to give meaning to life, and if you wish to become a patron, feel free to check out the profile on Patreon.

My jam

We are coming up to the week-end; time you put on some music and dance, well, after you read my blog entry. You will understand what I am talking about, just click here

It’s a mess

I hope you all felt loved yesterday, today we delve into the world of mess :) If you are intrigued click here.

If you wonder what these blog entries are all about; every day I take a picture and I try to take us into the world of our inner self. I use imagery to raise some introspective questions via my photo blog on Patreon. For 365 day I will be posting an image a day, and then perhaps these blog entries can become a diary for people to reflect on their own world. For 365 days my daily entries will be free for everyone one to explore their inner world.

If you wish you can be a patron – that will help me perfect my craft and create more content.

But for now and until January 2022, I invite you to journey with me into the self. We have made it to day 142 so far, and if you have journeyed with me so far, I am grateful for your time and your presence, you are indeed immensely loved by the universe.

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