Memories from the Pyramid

If you followed my blog so far, you may have seen an entry, at one point, that in February 2022 I joined thousands of people for an event near and in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

One of the tasks was to do a sort of a meditation/connection in the Great Pyramid during the night. The task I was part of ,was to become “ the spiral of energy which connects realities”.

For our task we connected with the masters of the 5th dimension and helped upload information to the global network of Earth.

On 25/03/23 a year and a moth since that event I reminisced with one of the travelers about the event. It reminded me that when I came out of the Great Pyramid, after the task was done, that I took a few photos from the garden of my hotel. Below is one of the images I captured that morning. This is of course is an inverted version, so as to see, that which with the eyes could not be perceived, but the camera captured.

The same little dots a bit further on:

I am not saying that something was present during that evening above the pyramids. But, there is no denying that something was paying attention to all those energetic connections.

The Pyramids in Giza, have been the subject of speculation for years, of who built them, what was the purpose. What I know is that when I was inside, sitting behind the sarcophagus, in the King’s chamber…something interesting happened. During our meditation, we were told that we were connecting with the masters from the 5th dimension. That, a master who is closest to us in frequency would be standing behind us, and at the right moment they will download that which is needed. Sitting behind a block of granite under hundreds of stones inside a chamber, there was no way I should have experienced wind, not when it was 4am, but the wind I felt. So, when some dots appeared on my photos, I was not surprised.

Sometimes mysteries just happen before your eyes.

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