An interesting topic to explore for ourselves, can be a controversial topic for some, painful for others, or serene for yet another group of humans. Reality is that from time immemorial we needed a family in order to survive in this world, so I wonder who do you call yourself your family? Latest Patreon post available here

Frozen in time

Join me in exploring the inner world and the unconscious, by reading my latest blog on Patreon. I use photography to take you into a deeper exploration of self, and reconnect with your inner world and encourage the mind body connection. For the latest entry click here

Inner hurts

Today’s blog entry on Patreon has a powerful image at it’s center and it’s asking some tough questions of the reader. As we go deeper into our journey of self discovery, the questions become tougher and more revealing of our inner world. If you are ready for the journey to your core – click here – to read the entry.


Today I invite you to take a few moments to empty the mind and reconnect with the inner world. My blog entry can be found here, to read my reflections of what constitues a place of silence and inner connection.


We are returning into the past again in my latest blog entry. Check it out, have a read, and share with a friend if you think it’s worth joining the discussion.

A bug’s life and 1st Step

Two blog entried to consider. I forgot to post yesterday’s entry on WordPress i chose to have some ice cream instead with my dad :) I am human after all.

So if you missed out on reading the entry from the 4th of July – check it out here – the title ” First step”.

Today’s blog entry can be found here – “A bug’s life”.

Have a read, and share it with a friend.

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