Into the dark

Into the dark we go today, as we walk through the arches of a Gaudi designed garden.

The image was originally in colour, but for the purpose of the post, I changed it to monochrome. With the half-light, half shaded tones; it creates a more dramatic look.

Today, I think it will be a brief entry as I ask you to try to explore the darker recesses of your being. Those parts that you would rather erase, the ones that you do not want to remember, the ones that perhaps you have not uncovered for a while.

Just like in the image, without darkness, there is no contrast for the light to show up.

Without shade, there is no light.

Without mistakes, there is no growth.

Without failure, there is no learning.

Without learning, there is no wisdom.

If you have not made that poor judgement, that one time, back then, you would not be the person you are today.

What I would say is, if you are heading into the dark, make sure there is always a light source with you. Tell a friend; take someone with you, even if it is just in your imagination. Make sure you do it gradually and only for as long as you know your body can handle it.

The dark, we’ve been told, it harbours all that can damage us, and when we used to be ancient humans, that was true every night. It is in our DNA to be afraid of darkness of any kind, and yet we now live in a modern world, when we can bring a light with us wherever we go. Darkness can be illuminated in a second. We have the power of fire, literal and figurative. Let’s light the place up and use the power of the darkness to evolve beyond our limitation. Let’s unburden ourselves of the cobwebs and the shadows. Into the darkness we go…

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