Joint effort

Time to explore if you are a solitary person or not. Check out my Patreon page for the latest entry.

We are on day 234 of 365, with the daily exploration of who we are within and without. For those of you who have been with me so far, thank you, for those who recently discovered these entries, thank you.

For 365 I am posting an image a day that is then the focus of the discussion about the self and introspection. I decided to take on this challenge from January 10th 2021 to January 10th 2022 as a personal journey of commitment but also to give back to the world in service. In my day job I already use introspection and coaching to help human beings evolve and discover their inner strength. For these 365 days I am combining my love of photography and creativity with my skills from the day job to offer and opportunity to my readers to take a journey within, in the safety of their own home.

I launched this project on Patreon so that anyone who is willing and is able to become a “patron” they can do it through a platform set up for this purpose. For the duration of the 365 days from 2021 to 2022 the entries will be free to anyone who wishes to read and join in the discussion. From January 2022 and beyond….well… will see.

Thank you again for visiting, for reading, for showing up for yourself. Life is not easy, life is not a walk in the park, we all go through things in our life, but sometimes it’s just good to know we are not alone.

You are loved, you are seen, you are cherished, you are important in the wide ecosystem on the greatest spaceship in the universe- The Earth.

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