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Today we go for a swim, are you ready to join me on the journey?! Click here.

CONTEXT:Many may be wondering what are all these posts all about relating to a blog on Patreon. Well… as of January 11th 2021, I decided that I will post one picture a day on my Patreon page and use the image as a platform to self exploration. Throughout my life, friends have often come to ask me existential questions, so this year I decided to blend my love of photography and self development questions. We are living through some tough times as a human family and I know that mental health support is so difficult to find at the right time and level, so through my blog posts I invite the viewer to explore questions with the help of an image. I set myself the target of posting an image a day and keep it up for at least a year, and perhaps when the year is up, I will turn it into a “diary of sorts” that perhaps can be published. The ethos of Patreon is to seek patrons who are willing to invest in an artist and thus create a steady income.If you visit my page you will see the different tiers. The blog entries for 2021 will be free to everyone who needs it. Of course if this resonates than by all means become a patron. What I want to do is invite the reader to enter into a discussion and indeed reach out so they do not feel alone. They say an image is worth a thousand words. Indeed, an image can be a static snapshot of one moment in time, or a vehicle for self reflection. Join the discussion if you wish: PATREON

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