Ready for a conversation?!

If you ever walk through a park in the UK you are likely to see a squirrel doing it’s thing. This one for example was just hanging on to the fence as if wanting to stop off for a chat.

So let’s chat?

What you would like to converse about in these blog entries? ( put your questions in the comments)

What would you like to explore about the self?

What would you like to discover about your inner world that maybe you have not yet explored?

I have been inviting you to join the discussion for over 240 days now.

Have you entered into a conversation with yourself yet?

Have you set yourself some new goals?

Have you decided what is the next step? What excuses have you come up with for not moving on?

I know I have many “valid” excuses, and I bet you have some too.

Are you willing to let go of your excuses?

As always join in the conversation in a comment, or journal your thoughts. We are ready to evolve, join us on the journey of discovery.

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