Today’s entry on my Patreon is all about low level photography, I mean taking a picture from the ground level, and tying it all together with survival. Why am I mentioning survival so much in my posts?! Well if you are reading these entries is perhaps because for a while you felt the odd one out, and because for almost a whole calendar year we have been told that if we keep our distance we will survive, when our very survival is based on being close to each other and be connected. Every day we are part of the human family we have survived the day before, just like every morning the ancients revered the sun for being born again in the horizon, and then the Moon when it appeared once the sun went to it’s eternal resting place, just for the cycle to start again.

As we spin in this universe on this beautiful planet called Earth, I invite you dear reader to have an amazing experience. Join me in discussions on the journey of self discovery and let’s all be in love with life again.

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