The news

I am sitting here, editing what would be a future book, whilst my father is listening to the news on TV.

As soon as the broadcaster starts the program, the first story is about a woman who got attacked.

The news bulleting continues with yet another story where someone may have been stabbed, or hurt in a car accident, or robbed, or any other kind of ill fated misshaps.

My elderly father watches the show captivated by each tragic story. He sits there watching this horror, as if he was watching a building from outside the fence, detached, and observer to the shattered lives of others.

Have you ever truely watched the news lately?

One horrid story after another.

One tragedy after another, broadcasted to the masses, and no matter which channel you switch to, the same story is screamin back at you.

How can the human race change their way of being, if this is the daily “update” we get.

Have you stopped watching the news?

Have you actually decided to tune out the horror?

Yes, there are some stories we can not escape from, because they are indeed stories that deserve our attention, but why must we only focus on these negative stories? Why must we expose our eyes and ears day in day out to images that promote nothing positive?

We are being force fed a story line that is not commensurate to our magnificence.

What stories do you follow? How would you tell your story? What genre is your story? Is it a tragedy? A comedy? A comedy of errors? A rom com? Who are your protagonisist? Who is your villain? Who is the hero? Who are your hype people? Who writes your story line?

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