It is high time we engaged in conversation again. I suppose it has been a few weeks since I last engaged you in a discussion with your inner world.

The title of today’s engagement is consequence, but we can also maybe use the word effect or aftermath or fall out or repercussion. Depending on which synonym one uses is how further in the negative we think.

Th image that drives the discussion for today is from Dover Castle. Deep in the bowels of the castle there is a very small chapel where some time ago the visitor to the castle could spend time contemplating thought and connect with the divinity within or as they used to see it the Divinity in Heaven. The lights were pouring through the stained glass window, creating a mesmerizing pattern on the floor, an aftereffect of the Sun streaming through painted glass.

I suppose I chose this image both because of the colorful nature of it, but also because it clearly illustrates the title. This topic of consequence has show up in my world since Friday, when I met with a client who is having a really bad time in the world and is in major conflict with family members. In that session it was interesting how their own actions were just a reaction to other people’s automatic responses, and interestingly blames my client for all wrong doing. It was interesting to observe how they could not see their own role in the conflict and they were playing the blame game.

I see this type of conflict so much where human beings can not see how their own actions impact the collective. And perhaps we have touched on this subject last year but with the passing of time it becomes more and more apparent how some people just “do” and do not think of the aftermath. They appear to be on autopilot, as if someone else is at the helm and the human bares no responsibility.

If we consider the light from the image a “non sentient element” (though this is an inaccurate perspective) then is no wonder that it just IS, shines through something and then becomes something else, with not much thought to it. But human beings are apparently sentient, so then how can we as a species be so detached and disconnected from it all? Well, I do have my own insight and many psychologists do as well, but I suppose it goes back to the way of life we have been living these past two and a half thousand years. We used to be very connected to the world around us, we were a very physical species, observing the world and work in harmony with it. With modernization and especially industrialization, when the human stopped doing things physically and became more and more a “theoretical scholar”, that innate connection between action and outcome appears to be lost more and more. When we enter the realm of the virtual, it appears that sense of ownership or impact is lost altogether. It is fascinating to observe how things snowball in the virtual world in an absolutely epic way, when in contrast in the physical world it would be much slower. And as I am writing this, it occurred to me that perhaps this is how it happens in the higher reals, things take place at such high speed that from a human perspective it would be like being in the virtual. And I suppose it would be a virtual experience, for in the 4th density it appears we are none corporal?! I would not know, I am a human for the time being. But something tells me that it would feel like being online streaming everything and being nothing and yet experiencing everything with intensity. But I digress….or do I?!

In your world, how much do you contemplate on the outcomes of your action? How many times do you stop and think of your impact? Or is it only in the aftermath of it all do you think of the consequence?

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