wire wrapped pendants of seaglass

Evolution, is a word that has offended many people along the ages. Darwin introduced the concept that species evolved from one branch or the other, and that as human being we are a natural evolution from a particular animal and that we should be glad of it at that. Some folk in the world disagree with his theories and some even go to great lengths to fight his theory.

The reality for all of us it that evolution can not be stopped. We can not remain stagnant and hope that things change around us. It is impossible to stay stagnant in fact. What is fascinating is that so many people believe that they are the same people and to some degree are resistant to acknowledge the change taking place within and outside.

In the past 2 years we have heard this phrase “get back to normal” so many times, the phrase that wanted to imply that returning back to a state that we have known before was preferable to the state we were in today. People were hoping that how they lived their lives in the past was a template of how life should be and that “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”. The very same people are hoping that at the same time things change for the better.

We live in a world where we believe that staying the same and yet evolving is the way forward. We hope that someone changes around us without us intending to change. We hope that if they change our life will be different. We do not consider how perhaps whilst they move on in their world, we too drift slightly to one side or the other, that perhaps, we too evolve with the time, but perhaps less consciously.

We expect the other to use a conscious change, whilst for us we hope things stay in the familiar.

Today I was going through my images of all the pendants I have done, and I came across the image on the left something I made in 2016 using sea glass. It was a basic piece, a rushed piece, a piece that was in line with my skills at the time. On the right a piece I made in 2020, hand painted sea glass and wrapped in silver plated copper. This for me is an example of my own evolution, it is a tangible image of what it means to expand, explore, evolve. The materials remained the same more or less, but the “operator” has moved to a different place, to a more evolved plain of existence.

I wonder how many of you still think you are unchanged? I wonder how many of you demand of the other to change, whilst you ignore that which has changed within you? I wonder how many of you are wanting to return to a time when things were less complicated? I wonder how many of you do not consciously recapitulate your own evolution? I also how many of you just evolve but unconsciously? I also wonder how would your life change if you started making those changes consciously?

Whether you think you change or not, you do.

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