December 2018 action on Redbubble

This year in December two of my pieces were sold somewhere in the USA and the UK.

It is always heart warming to see that someone has fallen in love with my images enough to buy them as an object.

The “Sleeping tiger” image sold as a spiral notebook; whilst a twin picture from the same series – captured at the London Zoo “Tigers showing affection” sold as an acrylic block in September. These Bengali tigers were just laying in the sun when we visited the zoo; and was lovely to watch them enjoying their surrounding.

A more abstract image called “Please don’t feed the birds” sold as a studio pouch. It is more surprising to see this image sold as it was captured on a whim; when I visited Brighton (Sussex) England with my family. The sign on the pier tried to tell the tourists not to feed the seagulls.

I have a vast collection of images on many drives and it is with difficulty that I chose those that deserve to be uploaded for sales. I wonder how many other artists on this site face the same difficulty.

Thanks again to those who take the time to buy items produced by artists; and thus keep their dreams alive.

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